Monday, April 28, 2014


Hello this Monday morning!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. I was able to see my grand kids and see what my son was up to. He is trying to fix up the house he has. It just needs a little work done to it. 

As you see from the title, our challenge is create a bookmark or a tag. I ended up making a tag. The image that I used is called "Snow Drop Fairy."  I don't know if you know but I love angels. Fairies are close enough looking like an angel. So if you see a lot of angels you will know why. 

Let's all get excited this week because we have two sponsors this week. Two Winner's is great. This week the first sponsor is Delicious Doodles.

Delicious Doodles will be giving one lucky winner four digital images. There are wonderful images at their site. The second sponsor is Digital Delights


Digital Delights is going to give the other lucky winner a $5.00 Gift Certificate to use at their store. You will have a hard time spending that with all the great images that they have also.

Since I was using the Snow Drop Fairy I wanted to put glitter on the tag. She looks like she is on the ground under all the flowers. That's why I put a little brown on the tag. So, here is my tag I made for this challenge.

Yes I made the picture a little big but I wanted you to see the glitter on the flowers and it's on the background paper also. Here is the items that I used to make this tag.

Base Of The Tag -- The Paper Company
Cardstock -- Close To My Heart
Paper -- The Paper Studio
Glitter -- Ranger (Crystal Ice)
String --  Decorative Trim (Twisted Cord)
Colored Markers
Colored Pencils

Well, I'm done for this Monday and I hope you enjoyed the tag. Please go to Incy Wincy Designs Monday Challenge to add your tag or mark book to our challenge. Have a great rest off the week and I will see you next Monday.

Sunday, April 27, 2014


Good Morning!!! Hope you are all up drinking that coffee, tea or anything else you prefer in the mornings. I like to drink my coffee while reading all my e-mail. It seems like I have the same routine everyday unless there's something I need to get somewhere early. 

Well, this week we have a challenge that I know your going to like and probably need one at some point. We are doing get well cards. I do have a few people that I know would like one. Handmade cards always cheers someone up. They know you put your love into it and not something picked up off the rack. Our sponsor this week is one that hasn't been here before so let's give a big hand. She have really great digi's that you would like. This is the name of this week's sponsor: Imagine That!....digis by Kris. I had the pleasure to work with her image "Well Wishes." I loved the flowers and the butterflies that was around the well. I loved working with the detail and I also used her sentiment that she made that came with the image I received. I just love the way she wrote it. Here is a great prize to win for this challenge.

3 Sets
Imagine That!....digis by Kris

Now, I would like to show you the card that I made with this image. I really hope you like it.

I wanted the background paper and the flowers around the well to match. The only color that wasn't on the paper that's on the well is the blue flowers. I just wanted to add a little more color. As you know, I'm going to let you know the items I used to make the card.

Cardstock -- Close To My Heart & The Paper Studio
Paper -- DCWV
White Buttons -- Close To My Heart
Pop - Ups Under The Buttons -- Ranger
Ribbon -- Offray, Spool O' Ribbon
Flower -- Prima Flowers ( Pink Amoroso )
Colored Markers
Colored Pencils

There was a little bit of everything I used on this card but I did have fun with it. I hope you come and join us for this weeks challenge. To see what the design team made and where you enter your card, just go to Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog. Hope you have a Wonderful Week!!!

Monday, April 21, 2014


Good Morning to all. Hope your Easter weekend was a great one. It's always nice to spend it with family and friends. 

Our challenge this week was a cute one. Who doesn't like furry friends. I know I do. I have two dogs and three cats. I would have a lot more if I lived in the country. So the sponsor this week for that lucky winner is The Paper Shelter.

They will be giving  away as the prize a $20.00 Gift Certificate. That is a great prize to try and win. 

I was able to used this cute little fuzzy dog and I made it into a Birthday card. It's a Birthday card for a little card. So let me show you the card I made with the dog.

I hope you like it and the image that The Paper Shelter let me use. Let me tell you all the items that I used to make this card.

Cardstock -- Close To My Heart
Paper -- The Paper Studio
Ribbon -- Close To My Heart (Designer Ribbon, Pink Collection)
Gems -- The Paper Studio
Font -- Cool Dots
Colored Markers
Colored Pencils

Well I hope you enjoyed the post today and I will see you next week. Don't forget to submit your entries at Incy Wincy Designs and check out what the other design team members made with their furry friends. have a Wonderful Week.

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Hope your Easter morning is going great and the rest of the day is even better. We are not doing anything today. Our family is not close so we just stay home. That's why I hope you are having a great day with family. Last week I told you about my grand daughter having her 2nd birthday Friday and she had her little party Saturday. She was such a delight to sit and watch all those funny faces she was making as she opened each and every one. You would have thought she was having Christmas with as many gifts that she had. She had more then she needed. It was to the point she was bored with opening them and went for her cake. She never did open those gifts but I'm sure she will get to them to night. Since I was there I went ahead and gave the grandchildren their Easter baskets. That was even more for Remie. It was very cute when she seen the bunny and pulled it out. She gave the bunny a hug and held it while she seen what else was in the bag. It was a great birthday party. I'm going to move forward and start the challenge we are here for.

As we can see we are doing square cards. I don't do many of these because you can't get every thing you want on that one card. Of course, that could just be me. The sponsor this week is one we had before and they have great images. They are Fred, She Said Designs. Take a look at what they have because the image I was so kindly to use is called Morpho-Marigolds. I only found two colors of marigolds so I made the butterfly very bright and colorful. I did an image a long time ago with a butterfly frame from Fred, She Said and it turned out beautiful also.  You should go and see the images if you get a chance. Well, let me tell you what they are offering this week as a prize for the lucky winner this week. 

$10.00 Voucher
To The
Fred, She Said Designs Store

Now I want to show you my card.

I hope you really like it. I forgot that it was a square card this week and had a cute scrapbook layout I was going to start to do. Thank goodness I went back and seen what the challenge really is. I'm still going to make the layout though. When I get it finished I will show you. The marigolds on this card are in three different color combination of yellows and oranges. I did use three colors to make the butterfly but I did decide to outline it in black to make it stand out more. The saying from above is from Psalm 63:7 but it was on the image sheet that I received with my image. I thought it went perfect for the way my card was set up. Let me give you the items that I used so you can get back to family and friends.

Cardstock -- Close To My Heart
Paper -- DCWV (The Floral Flair)
Colored Markers
Colored Pencils.

Wasn't a very big list but I still wanted you to have it. Thank You for spending some time to read my post and as always don't forget to put your entries at The Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog and take a look at what the other design team members made for this week's challenge. 

Monday, April 14, 2014


Hello. Hope you all had a great weekend. It was perfect here. Sunshine and in the 70's. Starting this week though we go back to the middle 40's. We will never have spring here. You have to enjoy every day that you can when it is warm. 

What a great challenge we have for this week. I have to admit that this was a little hard because I love to put a lot of stuff on my cards. I wanted to add so much to this but it had to be clean and simple. That's what I did when I started learning to make cards.

We have a great thing for this week. There are two prizes again. We all know that we love these kind of challenges. Our first sponsor for this challenge is Meljen's Designs

Meljen's Designs is going to give one lucky winner 4 digi's. They have very adorable digi's that I know you would want to win.

The second sponsor is Iva Nova Chest**"Iva Nova Chest" is online store with great choice of Charms, Pendants and Other Jewelry Findings in Malaysia. There is a Goodie Bag Surprise for a lucky winner but this bag is not giving the prize. 

I used an image from Meljen's Designs called Chubby Dragon. He is such a cute dragon that I just had to make something with him. Let me show you the card that I made with him.

Is he not the cutest little thing. I thought the paper looked good with the dragon or dinosaur feet. You can use either way. Let me tell you what this is made with.

Cardstock -- Close To My Heart & The Paper Studio
Paper -- DCWV
Butterfly Embellishments -- Dress It Up
Colored Markers
Colored Pencils

Here we are again at the end of another post. If you want to enter this challenge then just go to Incy Wincy Designs Challenge Monday and enter you card. Also, while you are there check out what the other design team members cards. I'm done so I will see you next week. Hope you week is wonderful. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014


What a wonderful Sunday morning. We are definitely having a touch of spring here today. The weather men are saying we will have snow in the middle of the week. This is crazy weather and it is messing with my allergies. We just need the weather to stay the same now. Winter should definitely be over by now. Easter is next weekend and it would be nice to have some great weather. Next weekend is going to be really busy. My grand daughter turns 2 on Friday. Her birthday party is on Saturday and then Easter on Sunday. I also need to figure out how to go to the store to get things but I have no car right now. My husband starts a new job tomorrow and he needs the car. We are looking for something in our price range but we are having a hard time with that. The car has to be so old and the mileage has to be low in order to get a loan. Weird how they do things these days.

Well, I want to move on to the challenge this week because I think it is a great one. I have this cute little image that Just Some Lines let me use. It is called EMO -- Flower Filled Day. She is a cute little girl that is wearing this big hat that is bigger then her. She also has flowers that are in front of her. I can't wait to show you this image. Just Some Lines is our sponsor this week and I love the images there. They are adorable. I hope you will check them out. They are giving a generous prize this week for our lucky winner. I'm sure you would like to know. Here it is.

4 Single Digi's
 The Winner's Choice

Here is the card that I made with EMO -- Flower Filled Day.

I thought she would look adorable in a flower herself. I think every thing turned out great and matched perfectly. I am a little impressed with this one. Let me tell you about the items that I used to make this card.

Cardstock -- Close To My Heart
Paper -- From My Paper Stash
Silk Flowers -- The Paper Studio
Butterflies -- K & Company
Colored Markers
Colored Pencils

Well we are at the end of another Sunday challenge. You just have to make sure your image has a hat in it to enter at Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog. Have a great Easter and I will have my post up that day also.

Monday, April 7, 2014


Hello!! Sorry for getting this out so late. Life just happens and there is not stopping it. So, I'm going to get right to our challenge this week.

This is a fun challenge. You just have to make sure your card has 3 of something, 2 of something and 1 of something. Here, I will tell you mine before I even get to my card. I have 3 pairs of flip flops, 2 beach items and 1 ribbon. I hope that gives you a better understanding.

This week our sponsor is Sassy Studios and I used the image Sassy Cupid Sexy. She is on the beach so I think it turned out great. Sassy Studio's is giving one lucky winner 4 digital images for the prize of the week. 
Here is the card that I made with Sassy Cupid Sexy.

Since she was suppose to be sassy I used paper with the kisses on it. i think it made a great added touch. Here is the list of things I used.

Cardstock -- Close To My Heart & The Paper Studio
Paper -- Colorbok
Ribbon -- Stampin' Up
All Embellishments -- Dress It Up
Gold Metallic Marker On Her Wings
Colored Markers
Colored Pencils

Sorry this is short but I wanted to get this on here as soon as possible. So I hope you liked the challenge. Just go to Incy Wincy Designs to see more cards for inspiration and enter yours there also. Have a great week!!

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Good Morning!! I'm seeing sun and it is beautiful. Just wish the temperature would corporate with the sun. I have some great news to tell you all this week. My daughter who is always on the A & B honor roll made it on the all A honor roll. This is a bright girl that does her homework on her own. We never have to ask her to do it. We always had to with the two boys. My boys are a little mad when I talk about her grades. They were never interested in school so I'm glad they went to career centers their junior and senior year. It payed off because they both have good jobs. You still have to give that congratulations to her and I'm so proud of you. She told me yesterday that she would like to go to college in Florida and I said no way. She then says if she gets a scholarship to go to one down there that there is nothing I could do about it. You have to go where you get the scholarship is. There still is no way. She has four years for me to change her mind. 

Well, lets get to the challenge at hand. We are all doing Easter cards and we are getting our images from The GreatRobyn is our sponsor for this week's challenge. She always has great images to work with. The image I chose this week is called Easter Egg. I seen this and thought of a cute card. Cut the card out as an Easter Card. I only did something like this once before so I thought it would be fun to do again. Here is the prize that she will be giving the lucky winner this week.

3 Images

This is a great and generous prize from Robyn. Now let me show you my shape Easter egg card.

How do you think it turned out? I think the glitter really set it off. It just seemed to plain without it. I really liked the shape of the card. Just something that's different then I usually make. Here are the items that I made this with.

Cardstock -- Close To My Heart
Stickles -- Ranger (Yellow, Green, X-Mas Red, Crystal Ice)
Colored Markers
Colored Pencils

Not many items but it did the job. Well, it's time for me to go and do some cleaning around the house. Please go to Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog and see the cards that the rest of our Design Team Made. Post your entries there also. Have a wonderful Sunday and a great week. I'm going to try to.