Monday, August 27, 2012


Hello Again for another Monday Feature. Hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was almost the same as every other weekend. Today my son started college and my husband is gone, so I'm alone for the first time in months. It's so quiet that I don't know how to act. The only noisy thing that is here is my dog who snores louder then my father and that's pretty loud. At least she's peaceful.
This week we are featuring an Exclusive Collab Kit called Back to School from My Grafico. With all the young people going back to school this was a great set to feature this week. You can also make cards for the teachers to welcome them back to school, school bus driver and make school layouts to remind your child in the future of what they were like at that year of school.
Well let me show you the set that we were able to use to show you our features
There is alot of images that you can use from this set. This would be a great set to have in your digi images. Here is the card that I made using some of the images above.
Well I hope you enjoyed the card that I made from this set. It is a fun set to play with. Don't forget that you have until August 31st to get your project in to My Grafico's Challenge blog. Have a Wonderful Week and I will see you next week with a whole new challenge.

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Good Morning on this beautiful Sunday!! Going to be a hot one but Fall is slowly approaching. My favorite season. Yes, I may be crazy, but I love the fall colors and the weather. I'm really not a summer person. My daugters first week of school went great. She is amazed at the homework that you have in seventh grade but she still comes home and goes straight to the desk and gets it done first thing. I'm so proud of her. Now this week my son starts his second year of college. Where is the time going? Things will be harder this week since I now have no car. It can be fixed for the price it's worth. It's time to look at new ones. I'm not interested in a new one. I love my car but it's run it's course. I just hate having a car payment again. YUCK!! Enough about my great life, let's get to this great challenge this week.
Our challenge this week is a great one. Our theme is "Anything But A Card". We can make a project of any kind. Our designer for this week is Robyn's Fetish Digital Stamps and More. How do you choose one of her great images? They are all great but when I seen it's anything but a card I had a prject in mind. In our family, every Christmas you get a new ornament. This way when you decide to move out you have a beginning to your first tree. Even after you leave, you get an ornament every year. Everyone has a certain theme. My daughter has been given an angel every year. My husband since he was a baby has been given a mouse. So I found a mouse digi and decided to make his ornament with a digi that's called Mouse with a Christmas Cookie. I'm excited about this one. Well let's see what you will win for making anything but a card.
3 Digital Stamps
Of The Winner's Choice
From The
Robyn's Fetish Digital Stamps and More Store
Here is the Mouse Ornament that I made for my Husband.
Well, I hope you love my ornament. This is definately not a card. Everyone of the Design Team was able to use their own image to make their project. If you would love to see other great projects they made, just look at their blogs. I hope you have a Wonderful Week and I will see you next Sunday with a new challenge. Good Luck with this one!!

Monday, August 20, 2012



Good Morning!! Another start for a new week. The weekend went by so fast that I feel like I didn't have one. It was one of the best weather we have had since spring and I spent the time sick inside trying to get some of the usual household chores done. I think I did more sleeping then anything. I did have to finish the laundry so my daughter can have all her new clothes cleaned before she started school Tuesday. At least the most important thing I did get finished.

We are starting a new challenge this week. The theme is "Back To School". The clip art that we used was from Linday's Stamp Stuff and the set we used was Steampunk Box and Accessories. We were able to make the box for something for school or make a project of something with this set. I decided to make a birthday card with the gears and clock hands. I guess I should show you the set that we used so you understand what I am talking about.

Stampunk SVG Templates

Well I will show you the card that I made with the gears. My card is a birthday card so I think you will understand the whole thing.

I hope you enjoyed the card and will enter the challenge at My Grafico Challenge Blog. You have until August 31st at midnight to enter your project. Have fun with the back to school theme. I will see you next Monday for a feature from our Design Team.

Sunday, August 19, 2012



Time has slipped by me today. Good afternoon instead of morning. I didn't realize it was this late already. Trying to get some things done and finished before my daughter starts school Tuesday. She is excited to see her friends. I have mixed feelings. I will have a little time to myself but I will miss her also. She is starting to do the friend thing where she isn't here or in her room chatting with them on the computer or cell phone. I'm glad we have been very close since she was born. I think this is why it's so hard to let her go. She's my last child and I know how these next years will be gone before I know it. I want to stay as close as we are and remain that way even through those teenage years.

Our challenge this week is to "Use a Digi". Picking one digi is always so hard for me. This week we were allowed to use a Digi from Stitchy Stamps. There are great digi's to choose from their store. The digi that I worked with was "What's Cookin". I loved working with this one. It is such a cute image that you will probably want to get for yourselves. The Design Team used different digi's so don't forget to look at their blogs. You may find another digi that you want. You may want to see the prize and enter in the challenge this week to get those great digi's.

$10.00 Gift Voucher
To The
Stitchy Bear
Digital Stamps Store

Here is the card that I made with "What's Cookin"

I hope you enjoyed the I made with my digi. If you want to see a variety of great cards, please go and see the other Design Teams blogs. They will all give you inspiration in entering your own project. Hope you have a Wonderful Sunday and I will see you next Sunday!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012



Hello Everyone!! Hope you had a Wonderful Weekend. I can actually say that my week was alot better. I actually had my grandson for three days. We had so much fun. He is getting so big and is talking really well. He can actually say Grandma now. I never thought that word would sound so good when he was yelling for me. He's almost potty trained. He still has accidents but few and few each day. I feel that he will be in kindergarten tomorrow. I did watch my Grandchildren all day Saturday. I'm too old to have kids that young all day. I fell asleep as soon as they left. So much for getting anything done but your family comes first.

Well, here is this week's challenge. The designer that we used for the images was The Stamping Boutique. My image was called Madyson. The theme that we used was called "Make a Monochromatic Card". I had never heard of this so this is my first card that I have made using this technique. I was worried that it wouldn't come out right. Making a Monochromatic Card is using most of the same color through out the whole card. For more designs on these, you really need to check out the Design Team's blogs. They have more experience then I had. For the prize this week on making one of these is

3 Digital Stamps
Of The
Winner's Choice
From The
Stamping Boutique

Here is the card that I made with this new technique.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the challenge and want to particpate in the challenge this week. Again, I would like to remind you that the Design Team has there own take on this technique. Good Luck to everyone and I will again see you next Sunday.

Monday, August 6, 2012



Good Afternoon to everyone!! I know it's the beginning of the week but hopefully your getting off to a good start. I'm feeling a little BLAH today. I think I have been trying to catch a flu or something. I'm drinking alot of orange juice and still take my vitamin c but I don't think it's working to good. I'm trying to what I always do but run out of steam and can't finish it. Hopefully Hubby will come home and help me out.

Well, we are having a new challenge starting this week. The theme is for this challenge is Beach Time. There are many things you can do about the beach. I'm sure you have at least went once this year. The designer that we are using is Clementine. We used her clip are called "Beach". She has really cute things that are on this set. Let me show you what the set looks like.

I think there is some great images on here that I have used. Let me show you the card that I made from the "Beach"

Hope you enjoyed my day at the beach. All the Design Team made projects for the beach and to look at them just go to my sidebar and you will find links to their blog. Good Luck with your challenge and I will be back next week with a featured set for you to see.

Sunday, August 5, 2012



Hope everyone is having a great Sunday so far. How much of the Olympics have you been watching since it started? I can honestly say that we have watched something everyday since they started. This is the first year that I have watched so much of it. There are things on there that I would never have thought would be in the Olympics. I have to say that Gymnastics is my favorite. Those girls can fly and twist their bodies in every direction. It has been very exciting for our family.

I won't bore you with my Olympics fun so I'm going to get to the challenge this week at Robyn's Fetish Digital Stamps and More. Our feature designer this week is Fred, She Said. We used her images to do our theme "Tags". I really enjoyed doing this one. The tag is very different then things that I have been doing. I love to have a challenge and make something that is new to me. The name of my image is "PETUNIA AND HUMMINGBIRD". I love flowers and hummingbirds. You don't see many hummingbirds here at my house. I think all my dogs probably scare them away. Well I know that you are waiting to see what the prize is this week. Here it is.

A $10.00 Voucher
To The
Fred, She Said Store

Here is the tag that I made with my image Petunia and Hummingbird.

Well here is my tag. I hope you really like it. I think it turned out pretty good. Our Design Team made tags with their images so you should see what they came up with. Their blogs our on my sidebar. Well, Thanks for visiting on this beautiful Sunday and I will see you next week with a new challenge.