Monday, March 30, 2015


Happy Monday morning!! I told you yesterday that there would be a special post today and here it is. Robyn's Fetish Digital Stamps And More has 19 brand new Easter Digital Images. These new digital stamps will be available on March 30 in Robyn's Fetish Digital Stamps and More. These are very cute digital stamps that you would love to have for your Easter Cards. Our design team each had two digital images to make any kind of project with the images they were able to use. You will definitely want to go to Robyn's store to see these new images and what projects we all made with them.

The two images that I used are called "Hannah Bunny & Basket of Eggs." I decided to so something very different with my images. I first took both images and made them horizontal from the other. I wanted to make sure they matched when I put them back to back. I then colored all the images. Each two were colored the same so when it turned around it looked like you were just looking at one. I lamented so the images would not fall apart because they will be outside. Then I took eggs and the images and put them together with fishing string and put rocks in the eggs so they would not blow away. I hope you have an idea of what I did. I made Easter Egg Ornaments for my tree outside. The unfortunate part was that it was so windy when I went to put them on the tree they did blow away. I took a picture of them hanging inside just so you could see them. I will have to find a way to get them to stay on there. I could also make garland with them also.

Here is a picture of the ornaments that I made

I wanted to make more so there was an equal amount of eggs and eggs with the digital images. I really hope you liked the project I came up with. You will definitely want to go to Robyn's Fetish Digital Stamps And More to see what the design team came up with and to see these Wonderful Images we are revealing today.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a Great week and I will see you soon. 

Sunday, March 29, 2015


Good Morning!! Hope you are having a great weekend. I had a terrific day yesterday. There was a big Memories Scrapbooking Expo. When they said it was big they meant big. I have never seen so much scrapbooking items in my whole life. It was so nice seeing things I never seen before and a lot of the booths had examples of the items they were selling. You were aloud to take photo's of the examples so you had them to look at when you wanted to use what you bought. I had money to spend and my husband had to buy me a big tote to haul it all around the building in. I have to say I was glad I saved as much money as I did. I have many things to try and I'm so excited to get to it. I only wish I had more money but my husband was getting tired. We had been there over three hours when I ran out of money. I think he was glad that I did. I hope you have one of these near you sometime. It was so much fun. Enough about my great Saturday. Let's get to what you want to know.

Who does not like Easter and making cards for the holiday. Finding Easter items is my only downfall when it comes to making things. So, Dragonsmoore, Spyder's Other Corner is our sponsor for this week's challenge. They let me use a cute image called "Run Bunny Run." I loved this image. There was a lot of detail in the image and I thought of Peter Cottontail when I started coloring. They have been great sponsors to Robyn's Fetish. I have made many card with their images. I will show you my card after I tell you the prize they are giving.

5 Digital Stamps
Dragonsmoore, Spyder's Other Corner Store

Now I want to show you my card that I called "Here Comes Peter Cottontail"

Doesn't that Bunny look like he is coming down the trail. It made sense to call this card "Here Comes Peter Cottontail." I brightened it up so you could see the detail and all the little things on here. Here are my items that I used to make this card.

Cardstock -- The Paper Studio
Paper -- My Paper Stash
Bunnies, Eggs, Easter Basket Embellishments -- Dress It Up
Font -- Harrington
Lace -- My Stash
Colored Markers
Colored Pencils

I do hope that you have enjoyed the Easter Card and the post. I'm going to spend my day looking through my new things and I hope you have something great to do today also. Hope you have a wonderful week and I will see you again. Make sure you come back tomorrow for a special post that I will have on here. 

Sunday, March 22, 2015


Good Morning. Welcome to the first weekend of Spring. I know a lot of people are real excited for this season to arrive. I will just miss the snow. I do have some exciting news from the home front. My daughter went to get her temps yesterday and she passed. She is bouncing off the walls and wants to know when we are going to start teaching her to drive. We didn't do it yesterday because this week has been very hectic and we are taking the weekend off from going anywhere. I feel so old now that my last child is getting her license. Then there will be the dating and off to college before we know it. I have had kids my whole life since I graduated high school and don't know what I will do without them. I'm sure I will figure it out when the time comes.

Well this week we have a great challenge and it's easy to do. Just add a bow to your project. You can find many things to add a bow to. I was lucky and found a beautiful ribbon to make a bow from that matched my card perfectly. The image that I used this week is from Fresh Brewed Designs. You  should see the cute images that she has for Easter. You will want to win this challenge and get one of those Easter images. The image that I used from their store is called "Banana's Over You." It's two monkeys sitting at a table drinking out of the same milkshake. This image reminds my of those old ice cream shoppes. Before I show you my card I want to tell you what Fresh Brewed Designs is giving to one lucky winner.

3 Digital Stamps
A $10.00 Digital Stamp Card
From The Fresh Brewed Designs Store

Great Prize if you ask me. Banana's Over You is my image and here is my card to show you what it looks like. See if you think it looks like one of those ice cream shoppes.

This is such a cute image and the paper that I found to make the card worked perfectly. I tried to make the straws look like the older ones but couldn't get it to work so they are just plain red. Here are the items that I used to make this card.

Cardstock -- The Paper Studio & DCWV (Nana's Kitchen)
Cupcake Embellishments -- The Paper Studio (Knick Knacks)
Banana's & Ice Cream Cones -- Dress It Up
Bow -- Ribbon Boutique (Couture Ribbon)
Pop-Ups -- The Paper Studio (Sticky Doos)
Colored Markers
Colored Pencils

Wow. Looks like there is more there then what I used. I wanted to make sure you knew where everything came from. I enjoyed making this one and coloring the image. Well lets see what you can do. Just enter over at Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog and when you are there look at the other design teams creations. Let them know what you think of them. I will see you in a week and I hope it's a great one for you.

Sunday, March 15, 2015


Hello to everyone who is reading this. Hopefully your morning is off to a good start. I'm not doing to bad so far. It's still the old laundry day and other to do things to do day. I did have a nice Saturday night though. The kids were on their gadgets and my husband and I was just watching the TV. Well we gathered the kids and had a "Watch a movie night with the family." Of course, you get I'm texting or something else. They came in and actually laughed through the movie. I think they liked it but won't admit it. When they grow up and have families they will understand why I like doing things with them now. Then they will understand why these little things mean to me.

Let's get to this week's sponsor. It is Anne's Digital Art. She has an etsy store with all kinds of cute images. I was able to use her cute digital image "Grand Kids At The Swimming Hole." These are frogs that are swimming as their Grandmother is watching them. I just love these little frogs. I just realized when I was working on this one that I have done other cards with frogs. I may like them more then I thought. I did have fun coloring this image of the swimming hole. Before I show you these little things let me tell you about the prize Anne's Digital art is giving one lucky winner.

4 Digital Stamps
Anne's Digital Art Store

I'm now going to show you the card that I made with the frogs.

See, these are cute little frogs. I tried to make sure that every thing I used had at least purple or green on it for the challenge at hand. I'm now going to give you the items that I used to make this card with.

Cardstock -- The Paper Studio
Paper -- Miss Elizabeth's
Purple Buttons -- Crystaline
Green Buttons -- Basic Grey
Flowers -- Prima Floral Embellishments
Colored Markers
Colored Pencils

I'm now at the end of another post for now. I actually have two posts this week. So make sure that you check out the other one to see what I did for that challenge. Now if your in the mood to do something in purple and green make sure you enter this challenge at The Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog. Make sure that you link your project back to the challenge blog. I have to get to some chores but it is going to be hard with all this sun. It's so pretty out. See you next Sunday.

Saturday, March 14, 2015


Welcome to the second challenge of March. Of course, Our challenge is "Anything Goes" just like all of our challenges will be. I'm sure you all know that by now. These challenges have been great. I have seen many (I mean many) beautiful and unique cards that you have entered in our challenges. I am amazed at how everyone has their own imagination on what they create. I hope you all keep them coming. This week we do have three different sponsors for three different winners. This is always a great challenge to do when there are more then three winner's. So I am going to tell you our three sponsors before I tell you who my image is from and what I made with it.

Zuri Digital Stamps is an etsy store that is owned by Zuri. She has cute images just like the cute girl on her badge. She also has sketches that would give you inspiration on one of your next projects. The prize that she will be giving winner is 3 Digital Images from her etsy store.

Here is the second sponsor for this week. Ching-Chou Kuik Fantasy Art. This is a new sponsor that I have not worked with but have great images at her etsy store. I just had to look through them since I haven't heard of this one. I'm really glad that she is now a sponsor. Love to work with her images soon. Now they are giving 1 Digital Images to another lucky winner. We are now at the third sponsor and the one that I used my image from.

Meljen's Designs is our final sponsor for this challenge. This is the sponsor that I used one of their images to make my project. The image that I chose is called "Teddy Angel." I love angels and also teddy bears make good images for scrapbook layouts. I have used Meljen's Designs Images before and just loved what I made with them. This would be a great prize to win so you can get one of their great images. Before I show you my project I want to tell you what prize they are giving. They will be giving 4 Digital Images

My anything goes is a Scrapbook Layout with "Teddy Angel." I decided that I wanted to do a layout with my grandson. I took the teddy angel and flipped it so they were sitting back to back. Since the bears were angels I chose to call my layout Heaven Sent. Now I want to show you the layout I made. 

I really hope you like it. I'm in love with it and that little guy. Since I did this for my grandson, I'm in the process of making one of my grand daughter. It will be the exact same thing but just in pink. 

Well this is the end to my post and my project that I made with "Teddy Angel." Just add you creative project to the Lil Patch of Crafty Friends Blog and you will be entered into the challenge and have that challenge to win one of those prizes. I hope you have a great week and I will see you in the middle of April. I do have post every Monday if you would like to stop by and see other projects that I do.

Sunday, March 8, 2015


Good Morning to everyone out there. Hope you have had a great week. Mine has not been a good one. I love the snow but the ice that hides under it is horrible. I have actually fell twice this week that has really messed up my back and it has made my neck really sore. I was more embarrassed when I fell in front of my daughter and her boyfriend. We were leaving their Winter Concert and on my way to the car I fell on black ice. Walked out to the school the same way but on the back that ice was there. That was also the first night that I met her boyfriend and his parents. I will never forget that night now when I met him.

We have a new sponsor this week and I think you will really like her work. I was buying her images before she sponsored us this week. Aurora Wings is this great sponsor I have been talking about. If you get a chance you really need to see her store. The image that she let me use for this challenge is called "Camellia Sprite." She has beautiful flowers and a butterfly in and around her hair. I found this paper that I thought would be great to go with her. Looks a little antique. I'm really excited to show you my card so you can see this beautiful image so I will tell you what she is giving to that one lucky winner.

Winner's Choice
 Digital Stamps
Up To The Total Of
$10.00 Listed Value

This is a great prize for the images that she has. So, let me show you "Camellia Sprite."

I told you the image was beautiful. I loved coloring her. It took some time but it was well worth it. I just loved this paper with the image. Let me tell you what I used to make this card.

Cardstock -- The Paper Studio
Paper -- Colorbok
Lace With Pearl -- Say It In Pearls
Gems -- Pebbles
Glittered Pink Flower -- Prima Flowers
Colored Markers
Colored Pencils

I really hope that you liked this weeks challenge and will want to participate. Our Design Team has made cards with other Aurora Wings images. Just go to Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog to see all those cards for some inspiration. I will see you next week and hopefully I won't have any accidents this week.

Sunday, March 1, 2015


Hello Everyone!!! Hope you are having a nice weekend and waking up to a great Sunday morning. Today is the 1st of March. I knew it was coming but it was to fast. Then I find out that next weekend is time change. That always messes me up for the first week but I love when it's light for more hours. Feels like you can do a lot more in a day with more daylight. It also makes it seem like warm weather will be coming soon so the kids will go outside and not cooped up here with me. They have cabin fever really bad. I'm the only one in the family that likes winter.

Robyn is going to sponsor our challenge this week. She is great at letting us use her great images for our projects. I actually used one of the newer digital stamps that she has. The stamp is called "Easter Egg Tree." I chose this one because it is cute and it would make a great card for Easter. The tree is full of Easter eggs hanging from it and I added a few around the bottom of it. It's always great to show you the digital images that Robyn's has in her store. So you have many images you could chose from with the prize that she is giving this week's winner.

3 Digital Images
Robyn's Fetish Store

So now that you have read the prize and who our sponsor is, let me show you the card that I made with the "Easter Egg Tree."

I really hope that you liked the card.  I wanted to make the eggs on the tree look pastel but they seem to come out a little darker then I had wanted. I had these bunny embellishments and wanted to use them on this card. I think they look perfect for the theme I made the card. So, now I would like to tell you the products that I used to make this.

Cardstock -- The Paper Studio
Paper -- The Paper Studio
Font -- Bradley Hand ITC
Easter Embellishments -- Dress It Up
Colored Markers
Colored Pencils

Well, I'm done with my first post of March. I really hope this month goes a little slower because Easter is coming soon. I have no clue what to get the grand kids. I will have to start looking. Well, I need to start my Sunday laundry and try to sneak in some crafting time. I hope you have a Great Week and I will be back next Sunday. Don't forget to visit Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog to see the other digi cards and enter your project.