Monday, November 26, 2012



Good Evening!! I hope your week is starting out great. I was doing OK until the company that was to look at our furnace shut it down and made sure the gas was shut off also. It's good that he did but now we have to wait until my landlord decides to put the new one in. I have been feeling bad lately and the carbon monoxide that the furnace was putting out was probably doing it. Now I'm trying to get some electric heaters to put in here for now. I can't go anywhere because I have a daugter in school. Family is to far away to stay with or to crowded to stay there. Things will work themselves out. I truely believe in that.

I was lucky to use the same set that I worked with two weeks ago. It's made by Pixel Paper Prints and the set is Santa Claus. I loved the card that I made then with Santa but now I used the bag of toys. See how many cards you can use from just one set. I could make many cards for people on my Christmas card list. I did call my card Bag Of Toys. Not the most original but I could not think of anything else. Now the set I said was Santa Claus so let me show you what the set looks like again.

We are having another challenge for the next two weeks. It's anything goes because that will be our theme at every challenge. For all the rules just go to My Grafico Challenge Blog. Well here is my Bag of Toys Card.

My singing lantern is holding my card. This setting did turn out cute. Well everyone else on our design team will have new cards this week so make sure you visit them also. Thanks for stopping by and I will see you in two weeks with another new set of digital stamps.

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Good Morning!! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with you family and friends. I have to say that this Thanksgiving was one of the best in many, many years. It was nice to sit in the evening and actually relax with stress from the day. My son was back from the east coast and we celebrated his son's birthday. It was late but it just made the day even better. I also spent some time with my mom and grandma. It was great being there. The last time I was there was more then 12 years ago. I feel very blessed with the day I had. It's great to talk about the great things that happen. I now have pictures and memories of this great day.
As you can see by my title that our theme is Black, White, and One Other Color. The other color that I used was purple. My favorite color of course. I used the image Brimming Of Flowers from Floppy Latte Digital Designs. She is just a silhouette with flowers in her hair. The flowers are white in her hair. This was a great technique because I could actually pick the third color. Everyone has a favorite color, so this will be a great challenge for you to participate in. Here is what Floppy Latte Digital Designs.
$10 Voucher
To The
Floppy Latte Digital Designs Store
Here is the card I made with my image:
In the middle of the brads is the background paper. It's a fun technique that I found where they give you all the parts and I put the paper in the middle. I hope you like it. Make sure you put your projects at the post on Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog. You can also see the other design teams cards there or you can go to their blogs and let them know what a great job they did. Have a wonderful Sunday and a great week!!


Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I was reading my e-mail and read one from someone that has inspired me. Her name is Susan She has been a remarkable friend and she sent me a
Sunshine Blogger Award
This is such a great gift that she has given to me. Thank You so much for giving this to me.
Let me show you the award she gave me
Now there are a few rules that come with this award
1. Include the award in your Blog Post.
2. Thank the blogger that gave you the award and include a link back to them
3. Answer 10 questions about yourself, that you have made up for yourself
4. Nominate up to 10 bloggers and contact them at their blog site to inform them of the award
Well, here is my 10 questions that I made for me.
1. What did I want to be when I grew up? I wanted to be an accountant. I made it close but never finished that last year to get my degree
2. Do you collect anything? Yes. I'm a Noah's Ark fanatic. I have two big curio cabinets full of different figurines and they are all over my house. I also collect angels.
3. What is my favorite color? It's purple. Has been ever since I was a little girl. Ask anyone that knows me and they will tell you.
4. Where is your favorite place you would love to visit? Australia. I always wanted to see the Koala's and then when I seen the beautiful places there I know that I would love to visit.
5. What is my favorite season? It's fall. I love the color of the leaves and the cool air. Plus, my birthday is in the fall. LOL
6. Why did you start scrapbooking? I wanted to start a photograph album for my children and their children etc. etc. There is nothing now from my past and wanted to start it.
7. Do you have any other hobbies besides scrabooking and cardmaking? Yes, I love to cross-stitch, work with plastic canvas, crochet, and a few more things. I have always been creative since I was little.
8. Do you have a favorite movie? It's one that I can watch over and over and cry every time I see it. Beaches is the name. The movie shows true friendship that I always wanted and loved seeing.
9. Do you have a favorite animal? I can't say one but there are two. I love dogs and cats. I have two dogs and four cats. I would have more cats and dogs if I lived in the country.
10. Do you have a favorite author? Yes. First the bible is my favorite book but my favorite author is Stephen King. I wish I had all his books but I have a great portion of them. He is a wonderful writer and his books have made great movies.
Here is the nominees that have inspired me when I started sharing my work on the internet and with others.
She was the first person that pushed me to try out for new Design Teams. She was the first person that inspired me with her work.
2. Jennifer - She was on my very first design team and I love her work. She has had many techniques that I didn't know at the time.
3. Kim - I found her work on a blog hop and loved the work she did. I signed up for her newsletter and read it everyday to see what she had made for that day.
4. Wendy - I have seen Wendy's work on her blog and from other places she puts her work. She is a wonderful at everything she does.
5. Sue -  She is on my design team and when Hurricane Sandy hit and we couldn't contact our DTC she stepped right in there to keep things going until out DTC was able to reach us

I wish that I had up to ten to show you but I really had a hard time deciding and some of the people that I loved their work does not write on their blog anymore. Should keep up more on my blogs. I would love to send this award to Susan who nominated me. I don't want her to rewrite all this but she would truely be at the top of my list.

Thank You again and know it's time for me to pass it on.

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Good Afternoon to everyone!! I'm so sorry that this was not posted here this morning like I usually have it. This has been one eventful weekend and it was not all that pleasant. My hands and arms are welted and bruised from my dog. She is a pure bred Siberian Husky. She wasn't attacking me. She was in
a lot of pain and I was trying to hold her down. She somehow got the clasp of the chain stuck on her leg by the Achilles heel. It took me, my husband and my son over an hour to get the chains cut to get her to a vet for them to get this clasp out of her leg. They were able to get it off and we just have to watch her for a day or two to make sure that she doesn't start favoring her leg. I'm just glad that she is OK. She is a great dog.
Now I have told my story let's get to the challenge this week. It's all about vintage. I used an image called Sentiment Flower from the designer A Day for Daisies. I loved this image because you could use the middle for a picture or a poem. I put a little saying in the middle. I know that I miss spelled I'd in the beginning but I didn't notice until the whole card was finished. I forgot to hit that spelling button. Let me tell you what A Day for Daisies is giving the winner of this challenge.
$12 Gift Card
to the
A Day For Daisies Shop
Here is my card that I made.
I hope you like the card. I do apologize for the misspelling. Make sure when you enter your projects you go to The Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog. I know I say this every week but you should check out the other Design Teams blogs to see their beautiful projects. Good Luck and have a Wonderful Week.

Monday, November 12, 2012


Good Morning or Afternoon!! I hope you are all having a great day. Where I am, we are having rain all day. I thought we were in November. Well I have some news to let you all know. Our challenges at My Grafico will be posted on the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month. We will not longer have feature Mondays for now. So, our challenges will give you two weeks to get your entry in. The design team will be showing you different sets that we worked with on the challenge days. Everyone will be choosing their own set so you will want to go to every one's blog to see what they worked with that week. I like choosing what I'm going to work with. It gives me the freedom of doing what I want. This also is great news for you that our challenges will be ANYTHING GOES for now on.
Well let me tell you the set that I worked with this week. The set come from Pixel Paper Prints called Santa Claus. I chose this so I can get ahead on my Christmas cards. This set is absolutely a great set to work with. The way my card came out was because I used the Santa from the set. It went great with the paper that I found in my stash from DCWV. The paper house the song Up On The Roof Top. You will have to wait one more minute to see it. You can find this image here:Santa Claus I will show you also
See this is a cute set. You could win it by entering Challenge #140 at My Grafico Challenge Blog. You have until Sunday, November 25th to get your entries in. This is an easy challenge. Well let me show you my card that I made:
Well there's my card. The whole song is on the card with Santa right beside it. I think this turned out great. So if you would like to see more different sets just go to the other design teams blogs and they will be there. Good Luck on the challenge and I will see you on the 4th Monday. Have a Wonderful Week!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Well it's another beautiful Sunday here in Ohio. I'm still thinking of all the people on the east coast though. People are still out of power. That is way to long to go without power. I know how people are feeling over there because my son is still in New York helping to get power on. He's been there since the day after Sandy hit. He's very tired but just keeps on going. Saturday was his son's third birthday and he's not here to enjoy it. He did get to video chat with him so that was great. I want to wish my grandson a Happy Birthday because I won't get to see him until his dad comes home. I miss them a lot and it's not the same around here without them.
This week is every one's favorite challenge. ANYTHING GOES!! I really enjoyed this week that I could do what ever I wanted. The designer that we used was Robyn at Robyn's Fetish Digital Stamps and More. She has more great digital stamps that you really need to see. She always has great images. The image that I used this week is Charlie Christmas Bear. He is so adorable and was really great to work with. So, with anything goes, I'm sure you want to know the prize you are trying to win this week.
3 Digital Stamps
Of The
Winner's Choice
Here is the Christmas card that I made with Charlie Christmas Bear.
I told you that he was adorable. I hope you think that I did a good job with him also. Please add your photos at Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog. Remember that we have New Design Team Members that has cards with anything goes. You will find wonderful things on their blogs. Good Luck with the challenge and I will see you next Sunday. Have a Great Week!!

Monday, November 5, 2012


Good Morning to everyone!! I want to say that my thoughts and prayers are with everyone that is affected by the Hurricane Sandy. I see all the news that is going on on the east coast and it's not easy to watch. I very good friends in New Jersey that I have not heard from and my son is working over there with the electric companies to help restore power. It takes so much time at what they are doing that I hope people understand. This is just so devastating.
As the title says, we are making manly cards this week. I guess I tend to make cards for kids and other types but not much for the men in my family. I was shocked that my dad wanted to see the cards that I make. So there is a need out there for them. Ok, the designer this week that we worked with is The Crafty Pad. The digital stamp that I used was called Albert Diggin. This is one great image. I really enjoyed working with it. I bet you want to know what the prize is for this week's challenge.
3 Single Digis
Of The
Winner's Choice
( 1 Digi Set and 1 Single Digi)
Here is my card with Albert Diggin.
I hope you enjoyed my card. I love the sentiment. I think it worked great with the dirt in the garden. Don't forget to add your projects at The Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog. See all the great projects that are Design Team has made. Remember, there are more designers so that means more ideas. I hope you have a wonderful week and I will see you next Sunday!

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Hello to all our followers
Thanks for stopping by today, if you have come for the Sunday Challenge.
Afraid we have a slight delay this week.
Also the announcing of last weeks winners.
As most of you are aware off,  the severe weather in USA has caused some problems.
We are hoping the challenge will be up and running soonest, please check each day for news.
Thanks for understanding and hopefully normal service will return very soon.
Best regards from all the Robyn, Susan and 
the Ladies of the Design Team at Robyn Fetish Challenge.