Sunday, June 28, 2015


Waking up to rain is been like this for the couple of past days. I totally love it but my kids are getting aggravated with it. I can't do anything anyway because I still have this boot on my leg from my fractured ankle. I do get to go this Wednesday to see if it has healed completely. I have had this thing on for two months and I'm ready to burn it. I'm very sentimental about keeping things and everyone wanted to know if I would keep this also. I said I will burn it. There is nothing sentimental about this thing. I can't do a lot of things with it and I'm trying to pack and clean this house up for when we move. So far they said everything is great with the loan. It's just going to take longer to get the approval. 

Who wants to add lace to their card? I have done a few with lace and they always look pretty. It makes a great border for the image you use or the border around the card. Any way you use lace it's a great added touch. So, this week our sponsor is The East Wind. This is a very unique store as her categories are named very different. She has Lucy Loo, Mon Amour Collection, and many more unique categories. Take a visit there and I'm sure you will definitely find something that you like. The East Wind is giving this prize for our challenge winner.

3 Digital Stamps 

Now the image that I chose to use is called "Flower Fairy and Birdie." I love this little fairy and the bird that is laying in her hands. I made the little bird yellow so she could stand out. Here is the card

Isn't she a beautiful fairy. The card is a little darker then shown here. When I cropped it and put my signature on it, the program focused on the flowers more then the rest of the card. My lace that I added to my card is the lace flower that I made. I wanted to try something different with my lace this time. I think it turned out pretty for my first time making one. Now that I made one I want to try different colors. You may see more on my cards in the future. Here are my items that I used to make this card.

Cardstock -- The Paper Studio
Paper -- Colorbok
Frame Behind The Fairy -- Spellbinders Nestabilities (Decorative Curved Square)
 Lace Flower -- I Made With Decorative Trim
Gemstone In The Middle Of Flower -- The Paper Studio
Flowers With Beads Hanging Out -- Hobby Lobby
All Other Flowers And Leaves -- Wild Orchid Crafts
Colored Markers
Colored Pencils

I did use a lot of materials to make this card. I didn't put a sentiment as I could use it for many occasions. So, I would love to hear your opinion on my card. The challenge is at The Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog and you will see more images that the Design Team made from The East Wind. Hope you enjoy everything and I will finish up right now. Wish me luck for my boot this week and I will see you all next week. Happy Sunday.

Sunday, June 21, 2015



Happy Sunday morning. I hope all the father's out there are having a nice day with their family. Did a lot of you make their Father's Day card for you Dad or Husband? I have to say with all my stuff I was doing this week that my kids are the ones that reminded me of Father's Day being this weekend. It totally slipped my mind and I also didn't write it on my schedule. I depend on that schedule and I don't know how I didn't write that down. Now, I have to figure what I should do for him today. I know our one son won't be here because he will be spending it with his children. It's hard to say he has children but they are all my life.

All Dressed Up Stamps is an etsy shop with the cutest images. She has images for kids, baby showers and many more categories. They are very adorable and when you see mine you will know. The image that I was allowed to use from her store is called, "Daddy's Little Helper." A very cute little boy who is digging in the dirt with his dog. I know there is a worm hanging from the bucket but it didn't show to well but I wanted you to know it is there. Here is the prize for this weeks challenge.

2 Digital Images
All Dressed Up Stamps Store

Here is Daddy's Little Helper

I tried to use many different colors on the image as there were on the paper. I wanted the bone to look like it was under the ground and the dog was sitting on it. The carrot was suppose to look like it's growing up from under the ground. Then I added the buttons for the challenge. So here is where all the items came from.

Cardstock -- The Paper Studio
Paper -- DCWV
Green Buttons -- Crystaline Button Assortment
All Animal Embellishments -- Dress It Up
Sentiment -- Came With The Image
Colored Markers
Colored Pencils

Well you know what's now. We have come to the end of another post. I would like to tell you that make sure you have more then one button on your card. The Challenge does say buttons and I wouldn't want you to not be entered in the challenge because you only had one button. This is just a friendly reminder. Well I will see you on the next post. Hope you have a Wonderful Week!!!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2015


Welcome to the second challenge for the month of June. With school being out and hunting or a house this month has gone pretty fast for our family. Then when I found out that school starts here on August 13 I was floored. They are even making the school day a little longer. Pretty soon that will be in school year round if they keep this up.

We have three great sponsors for this challenge. Three sponsors means three winners. Who would not be tempted to this challenge. Just remember when you enter our challenge you can only enter a total of 10 challenges for yours to qualify here. I really don't want you to be out of the challenge because maybe you had 11 challenge. The rest of the rules is on our challenge blog: Lil Patch Of Crafty Friends

Sponsor # 1

I Love PPinky Dolls is one of the great stores I have been to. Besides selling just her digital images, she sells porcelain dolls and she has some art to. This store has lots of variety to choose from. She will be giving 3 Digital Images to one of our lucky winners.

Sponsor # 2

Flat Friends Boutique is a great store to get some great digital images. They have a variety of images in all kinds of different categories. They are very cute images. Flat Friends Boutique will be giving a winner 5 Digital Image. What a great prize. You can make a lot of things with this many images.

Sponsor # 3

Concetta Kilmer also has a variety of different things in their store besides just digital stamps. You should go and see what she has. I also used this sponsor for the card that I made for this challenge. It's called, "Turtle Totem." This was the most adorable image that I seen with turtles. I fell in love with it. Before I show it to you here is the prize that they are giving to another winner. They are giving 3 Digital Images. Now here is Turtle Totem

I really hope you find some inspiration in this for something that you make. I was trying to go with something that was unique and I could add a lot of stuff to it but the image was to small on my card to do. It I would put it on a Scrapbook Layout I could make the image a lot bigger and put everything on it I would like. I still thing it turned out adorable.

Thanks for stopping by and I can't wait to see your projects for this challenge. Don't forget to read the rules carefully on the challenge blog so you do get that chance to win. I will see you next month with another "Anything Goes" project.

Monday, June 15, 2015


Hello!!! This is a special post introducing that The Robyn's Fetish Digital Stamps and More New Digital Stamps that are going to be added to the store today June 15,2015. The stamps are related to Cupcakes and Weddings. There will be 15 brand new stamps that will be added. Our whole design team made two cards using these images. You will want to make sure to head on over to The Robyn's Fetish Store to see all the new stamps and the projects that our design team made.

I was given two stamps from these new one. One of the stamps I used is from the cupcake part and the other stamp is from the wedding part of the stamps. I did make two different projects with these images. Here is the first.

As you can see, this is from the cupcake stamps. This digital images is called "Cupcake With Sprinkles." I decided to make a Birthday Party Invitation. This was something different and you put all the information on the inside about the time and other important things about the party. I did make five of the cupcakes to put down the side of the invitation. Here is the rest of the items that I used to make this.

Cardstock -- The Paper Studio
Paper -- The Paper Studio
Hats and Candles -- Dress It Up
Font -- Kristen ITC
Colored Markers 
Colored Pencils

With the second image I just made a card with the "Hooked On Love" image. This one is very cute because it's two fish kissing. I had many titles but I stuck with just the one. Here is the card

I made this card for a man which I rarely do. I think it turned out cute but I wish I could of found hooks for the fish. Of course, this stamp is made from the wedding digital images. Here are the items that I made with this.

Cardstock -- The Paper Studio
Paper -- My Mind's Eye & The Paper Studio
Little Fish -- Dress It Up
Font -- Ravie
Colored Markers
Colored Pencils

I hope you love the two images that I made my projects with. For the rest of the images you need to go to The Robyn's Fetish Digital Stamps and More to see them. You will also see many different projects that the Design Team made with them. Let Robyn know how well you liked her new images and the design team for the projects we made.

Have a great week and I will see you in the Robyn's Fetish Store buying up these great images.

Sunday, June 14, 2015


Hello on this great Sunday morning. I hope you all had a great week and weekend. Mine was a very busy one. Doing things for my daughter. Had to be at the inspection on the house we are trying to buy and the best was my oldest sister Shelley was married yesterday. She looked so happy. The wedding was at a park near me called Rising Park and there was a gazebo on the water's edge so when they were doing their vows you could see the pond behind them. Very beautiful and it didn't rain. The wedding was very simple but nice and all of us sisters made food and had a reception at my sister's house. Then after we all were there it started to pour down rain. Boy was she lucky that it didn't do this during the wedding. 

This challenge came at the right week. I made my card for my sister and a photo album she asked me to make for her that she would pay for. Of course, I wasn't going to let her pay for it. That was the wedding gift from me to her. I'm excited to show my card because it's a little close to the album. So the image that I chose was called "May I Have This Dance" and I chose it from our sponsor A Day For Daisies. I loved this image as it's just part of a reception. A Day For Daisies is a great store for you to look at and the image on the first page is a great image for Father's Day. You could get it when you enter our challenge this week. A Day for Daisies is giving a great prize this week so let me tell you what it is.

$12.00 Gift Card
A Day For Daisies Store

Here is the card that I made that I just left named, "May I Have This Dance." 

Since the boy and girl are going to dance I found this piece of paper that looks like a music sheet. It's suppose to look like that the doves are caring the sign. My sister's wedding was black and white with red roses. I tried to make my card with the same color scheme. There are actually black roses in with the rest of the roses. They are hard to see. Here are the items that I used to make this adorable card.

Cardstock -- The Paper Studio
Paper -- From My Paper Stash
Black Frame -- Spellbinders Nestabilities ( Floral Ovals )
Font -- Monotype Corsiva
Doves -- Dress It Up
Pearl Branches -- Hobby Lobby
Flowers -- Wild Orchid Crafts
Colored Markers
Colored Pencils

Well I hope you liked the card. Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog will have more great cards from our design team. There are many beautiful cards that are made and displayed there. You will also see how to enter the challenge and don't forget to read the tutorials. They are great and I even learn from them. So have a great week and I will be back.
I would like to show you the pictures of the album and how the flowers are almost alike.

Sunday, June 7, 2015


Good Sunday morning!!  I hope all is well with you today. Just one of those weekends here. I spent a lot of it with a big headache and it had my kids all over it. Being a parent is the hardest job in the world. You never can satisfy them and when you think you have "Watch Out" there is another crisis. That's what they consider it. I have a almost 23 year old son and a 15 year old daughter that live in my house. One day they are the best of friends. (Notice I said one day) The others are so horrible that you would feel the tension when you walk in the door. For a couple of weeks now, they refuse to speak to each other and as they say, hate each other. I have tried everything to change this but that doesn't work. Well that's my little story of the week so let's get going on our challenge this week.

Robyn from Robyn's Fetish is our great sponsor. She sponsor's a lot of our challenges but she let's us use any image in her store and there is a lot to choose from. She has also giving out a lot of images for prizes. That's why her store and her are great. So, this week we had a total different challenge. We are making tags. I have so many in different books that I can always use one and they are great gifts to give. I used the image Don't Rain On My Parade. Cute little frog under his umbrella just waiting for it to stop raining. I love using animals on tags that I make. So before you this cutie here is what Robyn's is giving to someone this week.

3 Digital Image's'
Robyn's Fetish's Store.

Very generous of her. Now let me show you my tag before I tell you about it.

How do you think it looks. Since it was a frog with an umbrella I decided to make, of course,  a rain tag. I found this wonderful paper in my stash but there was only one piece. It does look perfect for raindrops. Used the usual saying of rain, rain go away and took two frogs and tied them to the strings so the tag wouldn't go down in the book. With this being little there wasn't much I used but I will still tell you.

Tag Base -- The Paper Company
Cardstock -- The Paper Studio
Paper -- My Paper Stash
Frogs -- Dress It Up
Font -- Chiller (Very Cute With The Rain)
Colored Markers
Colored Pencils

Well that's the end of another post and great challenge. Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog is where all the action is. Go and check it out. Cass is one of our designers and has a tutorial this week. See what it's all about. While our there look at the other designer tags and give them some love. Everyone loves to hear how you like what they have done. So, have a good week and I will be back soon with another challenge.