Sunday, November 24, 2013


Good Sunday morning. Glad to see you here again. We have another great challenge this week. One I'm sure you will love. I know I did. Let me give you a little summery of my week. I am praying for all those that lost their homes in the huge tornado storm this week. Their was so many power outages in Illinois but also Indiana, Michigan and the tip of Ohio. If I missed a state I'm sorry. I knew there were a lot in Michigan because that is where he was sent for storm manage. He's a lineman. He puts up the wires and works on the transformers. He sent pictures to me everyday. Some I thought he was trying to give me a heart attack. Where he was, there were 300,000 homes without power. His crew worked for 15 hours a day and there many more out there. He just came home yesterday and was so exhausted that he went right to sleep. Let's say he went to sleep after he seen his daughter. He really misses the kids when he's gone like that. This trip was shorter then the one he took last year to New York. I'm just glad that he's home and safe. I'm proud of the work he does. They put a lot of lines and transformers up to get people their electricity. I'm sure their are still people out their without power but believe me, they are doing it as fast as they can. I have learned a lot since my son started this job. Well I'm done with my summary and now on to the challenge for this week.

As you seen in our title we are working on "Vintage Style." Something new that I don't think we have done. So, I'm excited to see your projects. Our sponsor this week is Create With TLC. I will tell you that their images are great and I have seen many that I'm going to purchase. They will make great layouts and cards. Create With TLC allowed me to work with one image from a set of different styles. Mine is from the set Spring Time in Fashion. This is a lady that I tried to color in vintage colors. Yes, I cheated a little, I had a book of vintage articles. It did help me though. Let me tell you what you are working for this week. Great prize!!

$12.00 Gift Certificate
To The
Create With TLC Store

Now let me show you my Lady with her Spring Fashion.

I hope that you think that this card looks vintage to you. You may not see them but there are cupids in the corners of the picture. They were a little hard to color but I think they turned out cute. Let me show you the products that I used to make this vintage style card.
Cardstock -- Close To My Heart
Paper -- DCWV (The Heirloom Stack)
Lace -- From My Stash
Opaques -- Close To My Heart (Mocha)
Pop-Ups -- Ranger
Shoes In Corner Of The Card -- Dress It Up
Colored Markers
Colored Pencils

Here we are again at another end of my post for this week's challenge. It's been great to show you everything about my card and the sponsor of the week. Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog is where you need to go to add your card to the challenge. I can't wait to see them. Enjoy the rest of you Sunday and have a Great Week.

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Good Morning to Everyone. Hope you are enjoying this wonderful Sunday morning or afternoon. We have a real great challenge this week. I hope that you will like it and participate. Here's my little paragraph about my week because it was a very weird one. The only easy thing that happen was making my card. One day I couldn't get any e-mails and thought that maybe the mail was down but my husbands e-mail worked. We waited the whole day and my husband finally called our provider to find out what had happened to my e-mail account. They shut it down and was going to call and let us know but who knows when. We waited all day for it to work and no phone call. Well, we found out that some how my e-mail was corrupted. Not to sure what that all means but they had to find the problem. After an hour, they had solved the problem but there was also more bad news. I lost every e-mail that came in that day and some of my websites that I get e-mails from I had to re register to get all them to come back. It's been a big problem. Then a couple of days later someone hacked into our cell phones. My husband and the provider of them had to clear everyone of our phones and send all the information to the fraud unit. Later we found out that some lovely person called Cuba on my phone and talked for over an hour. I hope they enjoyed their conversation. We don't have to pay for any of it but it still is a hassle. I wonder sometimes if technology is worth the trouble. OK, done for this week's chat about me. Let's get to the good stuff.
Our challenge is one that I don't think we have ever done before but is fun. Using metal on your card. There is so much out there that is or looks like metal. We have one of our great sponsors that is giving away a good prize for this week's winner. Fred, She Said is that wonderful sponsor. They let us use one of their images to make our card this week. The image that I picked out was "Pumpkin Bouquet." I loved the flowers that are sitting inside the pumpkin. I tried to color the flowers with fall colors. You can use this card as a Thanksgiving card or for someones fall birthday. Fred, She Said is giving away a great prize to the winner this week. Here is what you are playing for.
$10.00 Voucher
To The
Fred, She Said Store
Now let me show you the card I made with the "Pumpkin Bouquet."
I hope you like the card. I love how the picture turned out. You can see everything on the card. The feathers on the flowers, ribbon around the frame, and the metal buttons that I cut the backs off of them. Let me tell you which products I used to make this.
Cardstock -- Close To My Heart
Paper -- K&Company
Flowers With Feathers -- Prima Flowers (Guava Peony Brahms)
Metal Buttons -- The Paper Studio (Spare Parts)
Ribbon Wrapped Around The Frame -- The Ribbon Boutique
Colored Markers
Colored Pencils
I hope you enjoyed this post and the challenge. Remember to make sure your entry is somewhere on your card. Then go to Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog and enter your project in the challenge. There is also a great tutorial for you to read while you are there. Well, have a Wonderful Week and the rest of today.

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Good Morning!! Wow, it's another Sunday again. Another week that has flown by again and another week that I feel that I have nothing accomplished. Of course, my sinuses have been acting up again as always. I have never had so many problems with my sinuses as I'm having this year. The flu is going around real bad around here. I suspect that next week I will probably have that flu. I catch everything that my kids come home with. Also, my son brought his daughter up here and she has pneumonia. I don't really think they know that I have low immune system. I tell them but I don't think it computes in their system. I wish I could be that young girl that was never sick. Well enough of talking about illness or I might end up with something right now.
This week we have another great sponsor. The sponsor is A Day For Daisies. They have sponsored many of our challenges here at The Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog. They have great images they we have had the pleasure to use for our cards. The image this week that I worked with is "Fairy Kitty." This is an adorable cat that I could not pass up. My grandmother loved cats and I also used the cat to remind me of her. Here is the prize that A Day For Daisies is giving to this weeks lucky winner.
$12.00 Certificate
To The
A Day For Daisies Store
Now let me show you my card using the Fairy Kitty image.
Isn't she cute. I think I did good getting all the colors that were to be included on the card that we were to make this week. When making your card for the challenge make sure you have all the colors on the card somewhere. I want to share with you the products that I used to make this.
Cardstock -- Close To My Heart & The Paper Studio
Paper -- The Paper Studio
Heart Flourish Border Punch -- The Paper Studio
2 Flowers -- The Paper Studio (Spare Parts)
Glitter -- Ranger (Crystal)
Colored Markers
Colored Pencils
This is the end of another great challenge with The Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog. Let me remind you again that you have to have rust, blue and cream on the card that you enter in this week's challenge. I hope you have a Wonderful Week and enjoy the rest of your day. I will be watching Nascar racing. It's close to the end of the chase. I'm wanting Jimmy Johnson to win it all. Fingers Crossed.

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Welcome to another Sunday challenge and a new month already. I can not believe that we are in November already. This year has went by really fast. I wish one year wouldn't feel like it's flying by so fast. For the end of October, I could not believe that we were under Tornado Warnings. They set the alarms off at 1:00 am. Talk about waking up to something weird. There were four tornado's that touched down about an hour from us. The winds were so terrible that you didn't know if anything was going to happen or not. I do feel bad for the people that did get hit from them. There were trailers that were totally knocked off there platforms. The only thing that did happen here was some shingles came off our garage. That is something that we can fix though. I thought all this dangerous weather was gone until Spring. Now all we have to worry about is blizzards that may hit. I love the snow so I won't mind just one. By the way, my daughter did not make the basketball team. They did give her pointers to try out for next years season. Her two friends didn't make it either. I was sad for all of them. Such long faces they had.
Robyn is our great sponsor this week for our "Thanksgiving" challenge.( My family is already talking about Thanksgiving and what we are doing and cooking.) The design team was allowed to pick from the Thanksgiving images that Robyn has in her store. I found this one that was a little of what you would see on the outside of the house at Thanksgiving. Pumpkins and a Scarecrow that are getting ready for the holiday to end. You can go to Robyn's Fetish's Shop and see all her images for Thanksgiving and also the ones for Christmas that is coming up. This is the prize that Robyn will be giving the winner this week.
3 Images
Of The Winner's Choice From
The Robyn's Fetish Shop
Now let me show you my card and see what I did with her image called Scarecrow and Pumpkins. I named the card Happy Harvest.
I really hope that you find this cute. I liked the way it turned out. When I was thinking of what I was going to do I knew that scarecrows are made with burlap sometimes. So, I want to use it on my card somehow. This is what I did come up with. My daughter gave it an A so I'm good LOL. Here are the items that I used to make this card.
Cardstock -- Close To My Heart
Paper -- DCWV
Burlap -- The Paper Studio
Thread For Stitching -- DMC
Pumpkin and Star Embellishment -- Dress It Up
Font Used -- Snap ITC
Colored Markers
Colored Pencils
Well I hope that you enjoyed this weeks post. I know I had fun making it. Hope you all have a great week and don't forget to add your cards to Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog.