Tuesday, December 27, 2011



Hello Everyone!! Yes I can honestly say that it is not Sunday but this challenge is still going on. I am late on posting this challenge. Over the holiday's was hectic and I had that lovely flu that my Grandson decided to share with Grandma. It's amazing how he bounced back and I'm still suffering from it. I hope everyone had a Happy Holiday weekend. Mine was nice but I broke my very expensive camera. I will be borrowing one until I can get mine fixed so I can still post my projects. I didn't cry but I couldn't take anymore pictures for the rest of the day and so on. I missed some cute photo's of my Grandson. I could go on and on but let's get to the project that I did have done for you.

The designer that we used for this challenge was Robyn's Fetish. I know you have all heard of her and her awesome digital stamps. The theme was Gingerbread Christmas. I used Gingerbread Cookies. They do look like sugar cookies but I can honestly say they can be either one. I'm sure you would love to know the prize you would win.

The prize is 1 image
of the winner’s choice from the Robyn's Fetish Store
or 2 images if the winner
has used a Robyn’s Fetish image.

Remember to go to the I DID IT CREATIONS CHALLENGE BLOGget all the rules for you to enter your project. Remember, you still have time to enter this challenge.

Here's my card for the Gingerbread Christmas using a Robyn's Fetish Digital Stamp.

I do hope that you enjoy the card. I was trying to use the background paper as a cookie sheet but I don't know if it looks that way. The Design Team has worked very hard on these cards so I hope that you give them a visit and let them know how their hard work turned out. I hope you enjoy the rest of the week.

Monday, December 19, 2011



Welcome to this weeks Monday Challenge with My Grafico. Hope you all had a great week. Now you have to start over again. This week will be a busy one but I'm going to enjoy it. I love seeing my kids and Grand kids faces when they open gifts and love what they got. I always tell everyone that I don't need anything that the kids faces is all I want to see.

Well to break the news. This will be the last challenge for this year. We are going to take a break and come back at the first of the year. There is a challenge that you can enter through the holiday's. It is sad not to have one but I could use the two week vacation. I will still try and post things but don't be upset if you don't see anything on Monday's. I still have a challenge feature on Sunday's that you are more then welcome to enter.

This week we worked with Dreamloft Designs. The set that we used was Tropical Cocktails. This really reminded me of the summer and Pina Colada's. (I hope I spelled that right). There are different shaped cocktail glasses that is in this set. It was hard to figure which one that I want to use. I'm not much of a cocktail person but every once in awhile it's nice to enjoy one.Let me show you the set so you know what I'm talking about.

Tropical Cocktails

If you would like to see this set closer just go to Dreamloft Designs and you can enlarge the image and see it up close. You can also see more of what Dreamloft Designs has to offer. If you would like to see more about other designers just go to My Grafico Arts & Crafts Community.  

The theme for this week's challenge is Tropical Cocktails and you have until December 30th at midnight to get your projects in. Go to My Grafico's Challenge Blog to read all the rules for entering your projects. A little note. December is my anniversary.

Well let's show you the project that I made with Dreamlofts Tropical Cocktails.

I hope you do like it. Don't forget to look at the other Designer's Blogs and see there projects with these Tropical Cocktails. Good luck with your projects and Happy Holiday's

Sunday, December 18, 2011



Good Morning!! Hope you had a Wonderful Week. I can honestly say that my weekend has been the greatest. I'm usually so busy but this weekend I relaxed with my Grandson Hayden. He spent the night and my face hurts from all the laughing that I did. He's talking so much and some of the stuff he says is so funny. I get to keep him today until his Dad comes to get him. I'm sure it will be sooner then I want but he needs time with him also. You would think we have little kids with all the toys he has out. We can hardly walk in the living room. I don't mind. He can play with every toy he has. Grandchildren are great. I'm going to have a Granddaughter in April. How exciting.

Stitchy Bear Digital Stamps is the designer that we worked with this week. I chose a picture of a little girl writing letters. I am thinking she is writing Thank You Cards. I love little girls that wear cute little dresses. She was fun to work with. Here is the prize that you can win for this weeks challenge.

1 image of the winner’s choice from
 Stitchy Bear Digital Stamps
 and 2 images
 if the winner has used a
Stitchy Bear Digital Stamp image.
To find the rules for this week's challenge just go to I Did It Ceations Challenge Blog Every thing that you need to know is on that page and how to enter your project. Make sure you read the rules because there are certain things that are required on the cards.

Here's my Thank You card with the cute little girl. I really hope that you like her.

I do hope that you like the card. I love the feather that she is using to write the letters. Remember that the other Design Members made their own Thank You cards so you may want to go and take a look for some inspiration. Good Luck in the projects that you make and have a Wonderful Week.

Monday, December 12, 2011



Thanks for joining me for another feature week at My Grafico. I'm sure you will love what we have for you. Is everyone getting ready for the holiday's?  I can say that I have been busier then normal. I attempted to go shopping this past weekend and the lines were so long. My husband and I took turns standing in line just so the other could take a break. Even the grocery stores were very busy. I came home and crashed for the rest of the day.

Let me get to this week's Feature.(I hope you are still working on those projects for the challenge that's going on now.) The designer that we are featuring this week is Dreamloft Designs. We used her clipart called Christmas Friends. These little friends are adorable. There are bears, snowmen and more that I would love to show you on her page. So let's get to her adorable friends.

Christmas Friends Clip Art

These friends are so adorable and the colors are very bright and inviting. These would make a great purchase for cards and even scrapbooking layouts with pictures of the kids. I would love to make a layout with the bear and my grandson. Visit Dreamloft Designs and see the great price on these Christmas friends. She has many other designs that you can look at also.

You still have until December 16th to get your projects done for the Masks Challenge. I hope you are having fun with this one. Remember all you have to do is go to My Grafico's Challenge Blog and see all the rules you need to participate.

I didn't make a card for this feature. I decided to make a decorations that hangs on the front door or any other door you would like. I thing my grandson will love this one. Remember I used Dreamlofts Designs Christmas Friends.

There is glitter glue on all of the hats but it didn't show up that great. I think I needed a white door to take the picture but I hope you get my idea. I hope you loved the feature this week that we used with Dreamloft Designs. Don't forget that the reat of the Design Team made things from this set. Leave them some love when you see them. Next week will be our last week until the first of January. Don't forget to come here though and see what's going on. have a Wonderful Week and see you soon.

Sunday, December 11, 2011



Wow, it's another Sunday Challenge. Time flies when you have kids in all kinds of after school activities. Why they do more this month then any other amazes me. Do they think we have nothing else to do? I love that my kids are doing activities instead of getting in trouble though. My son had finals all week and was a little bit unbearable to be around. I remember those finals but I don't remember being hard to live with. I'm glad they are done. I will say he did do very good on them. So did my husband. He is in college also at the same college with his son. They have two classes next semester with each other. Can't wait to see how that goes. LOL

Gingerloft Digi Designs was our designer this week and our theme is "Santa's Getting Ready"
I think I'm always getting ready for something. The digi that I used this week was a penguin. They are the cutest things. They live in the cold like it's nothing but it's been real cold here and I'm trying to get used to it. Here's the prize for this week's challenge.

It's 3 digi's of
your choice from
Gingerloft Digi Stamps.
What a great prize for this challenge!!

To find the rules for the challenge you can go to Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog . Every thing that you need will be right there. You can find her link there for her store where you can look at Gingerloft's Digi Designs. There are also more designs there to view. Take a little bit of time and see the great stuff there.

I told you that I used a penguin. He's helping to get the toys in the big toy bag. That's what the kids want to see. You can see that he's going over the list to see who will be getting those toys. Wonder who is on the list? Here's the card that I designed for you this week.

I hope you like it and get some inspiration from it. It was fun making it. The only thing I have trouble with is when to stop adding things. I still think it turned out OK. Well have another Wonderful Week and don't forget that our other designer's made some awesome cards also. Take a peek. You will love them. See you next Sunday for a new challenge. Good Luck with this week's

Entered the following challenge's

Gingerloft Digis Stamps

Monday, December 5, 2011



Welcome to this Monday's Challenge. Yes, this is a new week for our next challenge. I hope everyone is excited about it. I would just like to let you know that I went to my son's and his girlfriends ultra sound last Friday. It was a great experience. You could see the little hand by itself. It looked like it was waving to us. They wanted to know the sex of the baby and I'm happy to announce that it's a GIRL!. They wanted a boy but you can't make it what you want. You get what you get.

Now let's get to our challenge week. I'm sure you are all going to love this challenge. I had a great time with this one. I had it made in no time. Our designer was Lindsay's Stamp Stuff and we used her SVG and PDF Templates called Masquerade Masks. How great is this to make one of these masks. I used my favorite color on mine which is purple. Think about New Year's Eve, you could have a masquerade party. What fun!! Well here is the page fr you to see her masks you can use.

Masquerade Mask SVG

All you have to do is go to Lindsay's Stamp Stuff and this will take you straight to the page where you can see these masks and possibly purchase them for yourself. You can also look around at more of Lindsay's Stamp Stuff and see what great work she does. There are also many other designer's that you can look at their work also. You may be there awhile looking at all these great stamps. Lindsay's Stamp Stuff is on My Grafico Arts And Craft Community. Just look for the tab for the store and you will see everything.

The theme for the new challenge is Masks. You have two weeks to make you project. The deadline for this challenge is December 16th at midnight. You can go the My Grafico's Challenge Blog to read all the rules of the challenge.

Now I will show you the mask that I made this week. I really like it and hope you will to.

Well, I hope you decide to enter this week's challenge. It is really fun. There are more Designers that made these masks so I hope you have a little time to show them some love. I wish everyone good luck that enter's. See you next week for a great Feature for you to see. Have a Wonderful Week.

Sunday, December 4, 2011



Good Morning!! Hope you are enjoying your weekend. I have been cleaning so I can put my Christmas Tree up. My house is little so I have to rearrange everything to get it in the living room. It's been hard doing this since my back has been hurting a lot lately. I'm not suppose to lift that much but how are you suppose to get anything done when no one is ever home. Deer season isn't helping me out at all. All my lifting buddies are in the woods.I hope everyone is getting their stuff done for the holiday.

Well, this week we used designer Floppy Latte Designs and the theme that we used is flowers. How can you go wrong with flowers for a project. I used a floral frame for me project. Here's the prize for this week's challenge.

The prize for this challenge
will be 1 image from the
or 2 images if the winner has

All you need to do is go and see the rules for this week's challenge. All the information you need will be right there on Robyn's Fetish's challenge blog. You go to http://www.robynsfetishchallengeblog.blogspot.com/. You can also find out how to get an image from Floppy Latte Designs for your project.

Like I said, I used a floral frame for my project. I know that we usually make cards but I went with something different. This idea came to my head and I just ran with it. You can still make a card for the challenge. I will let you know the pretty little girl in the project is my granddaughter Sarah. She is three years old and looks like a porcelain doll. Here's my project.

Well I hope you enjoyed my project. Please take a few minutes and visit our other designers blogs to see their projects. We have brand new designer's and they would love for you to look at what they can do. Leave them a little love. Hope you have a Wonderful Week and I will be back next Sunday to show you another challenge for the I Did It Creations.