Monday, November 28, 2011



Welcome to our Monday Feature Week. Hope you all had a Wonderful Thanksgiving and an awesome weekend. I can honestly say that I had a Giving Weekend. This is something I said I would always do if my hair was long enough. Give it to the Locks Of Love. I had hair that was clear down to my behind. (Embarrassing Word) I had 16 inches cut off my hair. It felt so good to have that hair off of me. When I told the lady what I wanted it cut off, you should have seen her face. She asked me twice before she cut the pony tail off. Their are a lot of things that I really believe in and if I can help in any way I will. It feels great to donate that hair to help someone else. I didn't do it for the attention. Just to be happy doing it. You never know how great the feeling is to give.

Thanks for listening. Now let's get to the feature the Design Team and I had made this week. We used stamps from the designer Dilek Design Studio and the stamps were called Christmas Accessories Stamps. These are great accessories to use for anything. Scrapbooking Layouts, Cards, Altered Art and so much more. I was grateful for working with these. Do you know that at this time you can not find much of anything for Christmas Crafts. It's horrible. These stamps are going to come in great use for me. Let me show you the stamps so you can see how great they are.

Dilek Christmas Accessories Stamps
I hope you like them as much as I do. I love the candle but couldn't figure out how to make a card. I know there are alot of saying with candles for the Holidays but I couldn't think of any of them. I guess I was having a creative block. LOL Here is the link that will take you straight to the page to purchase these. Also take a look at the other designer's stamps while you are there. They would love for you to see their work. Here you go:

Also, you still have time to enter the challenge for this two weeks. The theme is Dinner/Cleaning and you have until Midnight December 2nd. It's a great challenge and I would love to see you all take a chance and enter.

Well now is the time to show you the card that I made this week with the Christmas Stamps from Dilek Design Studio. I love the holidays so this is going to be cute for one of my Christmas Cards.

I actually found this paper in my stash. See it's good to be a paper hoarder. I hope the card gives you some inspiration. I do hope that you go and look at what the other Designs did with these accessories. We all have different ideas so see what they are. I wish you luck in that challenge that's still open. Have a wonderful week and I wil see you next week where is will be another challenge week.

Sunday, November 27, 2011



Good Morning to everyone. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are enjoying this long weekend. My daughter is enjoying the extra days off. We all had more time together this weekend. Family is number one in my book.

This week our designer is Floppy Latte Designs. The theme this week was Eat, Drink, and Be Merry. This is a great theme for the week after Thanksgiving. You could use about anything to make a card for this theme.

The PRIZE for this challenge will be
1 image from the
or 2 images if the winner has used
for their entry.

All you have to do is go and see the rules for the challenge. All the information you need is right there and how you contact Susan to get an image from Floppy Latte Design. Here is the url:
While you are there look at the shop and see more great images.

I used Fruit Basket. I loved working on this but I apologize for the picture not turning out all that great. I'm having a hard time taking photos when I use glitter, rhinestones, and glitter mists. I'm looking into a photograpy book to see how to make these photos look great. Well here is the card I made.

Please visit the rest of our Design Team to see what wonderful projects they have made. I wish you all Good Luck with this challenge and have a Wonderful Week.

Monday, November 21, 2011



Good Morning. Today is the start of a new challenge for My Grafico. We will get into more detail about that in just a few minutes. I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. If you read my blog yesterday I said the same thing and gave you a little insight of what my family does for Thanksgiving. You are more then welcome to go and see that post. This year has just gone to fast for me. I remember in high school it seemed like the days lasted forever but the older you get the shorter the days are. Sounds crazy but I know the older you get the more responsibilities we all have.

Well lets start with who the designer the Design Team worked with this week. The designer is Zenware Designs and the Digital Stamps that we worked with was Vintage Appliance Stamps. These reminded me of the comedy shows back in the 70's. It also shows how technology has made everything so much easier these days then back then. Here's a picture of the Digital Stamps. I'm sure you will love them and have great memories to make them scrapbook layouts or cards.

Vintage Appliance Stamps

These are pretty vintage. I remember having a blow dryer like that for my barbie. There are so many different things that you will remember from these vintage appliances. Zenware has many different Digital Stamps that you can see at My Grafico's Store. You can begin here by going to the direct link to the Digital Stamps you see above at:

Now this is our challenge week that will last for two weeks. The theme is going to be Dinner/Cleaning. The end date for the entries is December 2nd at midnight. The prize will be this wonderful stamp set. Who wouldn't want to get free Digital Stamps. You can never have enough. Ask me, I know. For more information about the challenge you can go to Take a look at the entries and see what everyone comes up with. You are more then welcome to tell your friends about these challenges. The more the merrier.

Well I made a card this week with the Digital Stamps from Zenware. I have different sayings for all the stamps but decide to go with the one I'm about to show you. I was surprised at how many sayings you could come up with about appliances. Let's not make you wait. Here is my card.

I think it's cute. The paper in the bake was about making chocolate chip cookies so I thought this all went well together. Please visit the other Design Teams Blogs and let thee know how you love their projects. You may get some ideas to make a card for out challenge. Good Luck to all those who enter. See you next Monday

Sunday, November 20, 2011



Wow, it's another Sunday for a great challenge from I Did It Creations. I'm sure you are looking forward to this one this week. It's a great one. Before I get started to tell you about the challenge I would like to say Happy Thanksgiving!! I was shocked when my Husband told me I need to start getting things for the dinner. I still thought I had another week. Another shocker, my Husband was the one that reminded me. That doesn't happen to many times. I was really not going to have a dinner in the beginning when we talked about it three weeks ago. Everyone has other places to go at different times that I didn't want to bother. I guess that's probably why I forgot all about it. I guess he decided who comes, comes and who doesn't it's their loss. We should still do it for the kids that are at home. Enough of my rambling. Lets get to the real reason we are here. The great Sunday Challenge.

First let me tell you that our designer this week is Robyn's Fetish Digital Stamps and More and the challenge has to do with Snowmen. I hear Snowmen and I automatically think of snow. I love the snow and ask for a blizzard every year. Makes my Dad mad since he works for our Township and has to clear those roads. I don't say it around him no more. LOL.

The prize this week is one image from Robyn's Fetish Store. Now, if you use her image you will win two images. She has a great big store so you could find almost everything that you like and more. Her store is at: More of the rules for the challenge is at this URL also. If you have any questions let me know or Susan's e-mail will be on that page to.

I picked out a Snowman that is happy with his There is Snow Place like Snow Home. He's so cute. I just couldn't fit the name on the card by time I finished with the embellishments. I had the sign made with the saying above but I couldn't make it fit. I still think the card turned out very cute. Remember you can make a snowman for our challenge. You could turn around and send it to someone for a Christmas Card. Well let's show you my card.

I hope you can see the snowflakes. There are also birds eating feed. Can't wait to make one myself this year. LOL Pleas visit our wonderful Design Team's blog and leave them comments on their creations. My list is on the sidebar of my blog. Good Luck to everyone that enter's and I will see you next Sunday for a new challenge. Have a Wonderful Week and Happy Turkey Day.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011



Robyn's Fetish is having a sale on all their Digital Stamps until the end of November. This is their Thanksgiving Sale. She has a great variety of new Christmas Digital Stamps that are included in this sale. The sale is 35% off on all their stamps. What a great time to go and get your stamps for making you Christmas Cards.

Our Design Team made cards for each of the New Christmas Stamps. I chose to do the Special Christmas Tree. This was a wonderful stamp to work with and I hope you will feel the same to. You can visit all the Design Teams Blogs and see what creations they made with their stamp. You can go to  to see the New Christmas Stamps and look at all the others so you get that 35% off of your stamps.

Here is the card that I had made with The Special Christmas Tree.

I hope this will inspire you to go look at her new Christmas Digital Stamps. Just remember to go to 

Monday, November 14, 2011



Welcome to another Feature Week with My Grafico. This week we will show you a Digital Stamp set that the Design Team worked with. I will let you know about the challenge later on in the post. This is a little bit late being posted and I do apologize. Everyone forgets to do things here and there. As I said before, I need a big planner to keep all my commitments right there in front of me in the morning.

This week we worked with Dream Loft. The Digital Clip Art we worked with were called Love Bus Clip Art Collection. I thought of the 60's immediately and couldn't wait to see what it was we were working with. Of course, several things came to mind but some I just couldn't do. I was wanting a picture of one of my family members from the 60's but didn't find any. Not many people took pictures back then to show their future family anything that they lived through. Stories are great but having a picture with it makes it so much more to say. Well let's show you a picture of these Digital Clip Art from Dream Loft.


Pretty Groovy!! LOL Had to put that in there. If you would like to go and see more or Dream Loft's clip art I will give you the link for you. I will give you the link and then from there go to the rest of the store and see all the designer's work.

Now, this is our feature week and not our challenge week. Last week we started the Challenge theme Autumn. You still have a chance to get in on that challenge. You have until the 18th of November at Midnight. For more of the rules of this change just go to Feel free to share these challenges with your friends.

Well let me show you what I made from this clip art. I made a card. I have been trying to think outside of the box but everything I came up with was a card or a scrapbook layout. I do think the card came out great. I love the gemstones.

I hope you all like it. This was a little time consuming but well worth it. Please look at the other Design Team Members Blogs and leave them some LOVE. Have a wonderful week and I will see you next week with a new challenge. Good Luck.

Sunday, November 13, 2011



Welcome to another Sunday's challenge. This week went by really quick and I can't believe we are here again. But that's a good thing. More challenges more prizes. These prizes are great and you don't have to do much to enter.

Nothing new here. It's the same old same old here. The only thing that is stressing me is seeing the count down of the days of Christmas. I don't know why people want to rush it. It will come in it's own time. I do have to admit that I have three gifts already. Way more then last year. This year is going to be more about family then the gifts. Economy is not helping me out any. I live in a state that doesn't have many jobs available. I hope that changes soon. That would be nice for Santa to bring us. LOL

Enough of my babbling and straight to our challenge. I think you will love it this week. I know I do. Our designer this week is JLJ Designs and our theme is Everybody Loves a Teddy. Yes, Teddy Bears. As you may know I love to work with teddy bears. They are so cute.

This is one prize that you are going to want to win this week. The prize is a $10.00 certificate to JLJ Designs. What a great prize!! Definately enter for this great certificate. I'm sure after you see our projects that you would want to win just to get some of the images that our Design Team made this week.

I picked out a dancing teddy bear. She is called Sugarplum Fairy. I did get a better picture this week with the stickles. I started using stickles and I just love them. I know I can't put them on every card but they are working great for the ones I have been making lately. So, here is my card for inspiration.

I hope you love the card. I love the little tutu that I made and these flowers our great. Please visit the other Design Teams blogs and leave them some love. I wish you all good luck and I will be back next week with another great image and designer. Have a Wonderful Week.

Monday, November 7, 2011



Good Morning!! Hope your Monday is starting out to be a good one. Mine so far hasn't been to bad. I found out that I will have a little bit more time this week for crafting. That's always a good thing. I'm sure alot of you understand about finding time for crafting. The only thing that I'm trying to adjust to is this time change. I'm usually not a morning person and I have been getting up at 5:00am. That is really not me. OK, let's get to the good stuff.

This week we worked with Dilek Design Studio Digital Stamps that are called Autumn Elements. The leaves at this time are so beautiful. Had to throw that in there. LOL There are different stamps with different Autumn things you see. If you have kids pictures with leaves or anything to do with this season, this is the stamp set for you. I had fun with this one and I can say that the projects you can make with these are endless. Here is a picture of the Digital Stamps that I made my project from.

Autumn Elements Stamps

I'm going to give you the link so if you would like to buy these digital stamps you can go straight to them. You can also see more of Dilek Design Studio's stamps and other Designer stamps that are sold at My Grafico's Store. Here's the link:

This week starts a new challenge week. The challenge for the next two weeks has to have an  Autumn theme. The prize will be this stamp set above. You have until November 18th at midnight to submit your projects. For more of the rules you can go to

This week I decided to do something different. I made a seating name card. Some families have names on certain places for people to sit. Growing up we had the kid table and the adult table. That was simple enough for us. So here is what I came up with:

I hope you enjoyed the pictures that you seen. I think it turned out really cute. Please visit the other Design Team's blogs and see the great projects that they made with this stamp set. I wish you luck in your challenge and have a Wonderful Week.

Sunday, November 6, 2011



Good Afternoon!! Hope it's sunny and warm where you are. I have the sun but it is chilly here. Just to let everyone know, my Grandson had his 2nd birthday party this weekend. I can't believe he's 2. He had a lot of kids there and he is such a different person around them all. I seen a different side of my little man. I know all kids are different but he was a little bully. I know he doesn't understand to share but he made it very clear not to touch his stuff. Lol.

Well let's get to the challenge that you are all waiting for. Our sponsor this week is Stitchy Stamps and our theme is Christmas/Winter. These are my two favorite things. I love Christmas to see my children's eyes glow when they open their gifts. I also love the winter. I know I'm crazy but I love snow. I really like it when no one has walked in it and no one has touched the trees. There are great opportunities for some great pictures to be taken.

A FREEBIE will be available for any participant who would like
to use one of Stitchy Stamps below for their entry.

Please email me
and put CHALLENGE # 80 in the SUBJECT LINE.

Then, please do NOT forget to tell me the
NAME of the DT member who used the image that you want.
Only 1 FREEBIE per person, please.

The PRIZE to the winner of this challenge will be
1 image from STITCHY STAMPS and 2 images if the winner
has used a Stitchy Stamps image.

Here is the card that I made for my Winter Card. It's actually a Christmas card with letters to Santa. I used stickles and I always have a hard time taking pictures with them. They alway's show up to bright. So when you see something sparkle it's the stickles.

Don't forget to look at the other Design Team Blog's and see their creations they made for out theme. Good Luck with the challenge and I will have another challenge next Sunday. Have a Wonderful Week.