Sunday, November 13, 2011



Welcome to another Sunday's challenge. This week went by really quick and I can't believe we are here again. But that's a good thing. More challenges more prizes. These prizes are great and you don't have to do much to enter.

Nothing new here. It's the same old same old here. The only thing that is stressing me is seeing the count down of the days of Christmas. I don't know why people want to rush it. It will come in it's own time. I do have to admit that I have three gifts already. Way more then last year. This year is going to be more about family then the gifts. Economy is not helping me out any. I live in a state that doesn't have many jobs available. I hope that changes soon. That would be nice for Santa to bring us. LOL

Enough of my babbling and straight to our challenge. I think you will love it this week. I know I do. Our designer this week is JLJ Designs and our theme is Everybody Loves a Teddy. Yes, Teddy Bears. As you may know I love to work with teddy bears. They are so cute.

This is one prize that you are going to want to win this week. The prize is a $10.00 certificate to JLJ Designs. What a great prize!! Definately enter for this great certificate. I'm sure after you see our projects that you would want to win just to get some of the images that our Design Team made this week.

I picked out a dancing teddy bear. She is called Sugarplum Fairy. I did get a better picture this week with the stickles. I started using stickles and I just love them. I know I can't put them on every card but they are working great for the ones I have been making lately. So, here is my card for inspiration.

I hope you love the card. I love the little tutu that I made and these flowers our great. Please visit the other Design Teams blogs and leave them some love. I wish you all good luck and I will be back next week with another great image and designer. Have a Wonderful Week.

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susan said...

Your card is GORGEOUS! I love that tutu you added and the Stickles, too. How creative you are! When I saw your card, I called Hubby over to see it. He loved the tutu and the whole card. And HE hardly ever says anything specific. His usual comment is, "That's nice." But when he saw this card, his eyes opened wide and said,"That is VERY CREATIVE and beautiful."

Thank you for all of your hard work you do for the DT!