Sunday, June 30, 2013


Good Morning!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. I know that I am. I'm at my mom's house babysitting two little dogs and her house. My family is at home while I am here. I get a week of rest and relaxation. Unfortunately, I will not have a project for you. I could not bring all my scrapbooking stuff with me to make a creation. I know as soon as I start working on something I will need something that is not here. My mom lives to far away to just run over and get something. I'm also in a county that I don't now where to go for supplies. My daughter has already called and said she missed me. She get to be with her father and brother for the week. No girl stuff for her. I so feel bad for that. The only thing she will enjoy is driving the tractor when they bale hay. ( I hope I spelled that right)
Oak Pond Creations is the sponsor of this week's challenge "At The Beach." I used a cute image named Fancy Fish. When I seen the tail of the fish I knew I wanted to try coloring this one and making a card out of it. She has many digital stamps that I would love to have. She has some of the most beautiful stamps that you would all be interested in. You can look at each image and just see the card that you can make with it. I wish I had time to use all the cute stamps that I see. Let me tell you what Oak Pond creations is giving to the lucky winner this week.
3 Digital Stamps
Of The Winner's Choice
The Oak Pond Creations
 Let me show you the card I made with my Fancy Fish and let you know of the products that I used to make it.

 I hope you see what I mean by the tail. I hope you can see that I used many colors to color the tail. I wanted this fish to be unique. This card is what you would see under the ocean at the beach. Let me now show you the list of the products that I used.

Cardstock -- DCWV and The Paper Studio
Paper -- The Paper Studio
Glitter -- Ranger
Embossing -- Cuttlebug Folder
Seashells -- Dress It Up
Font -- Cool Dots
Colored Pencils
Colored Markers

I'm going to try and write the font down because I know that there are times I would like to know what the writing is done in. Well I'm done for this week. Going to relax some. I really need this for my sanity. Don't forget to get your projects put in over at The Robyn's Challenge Blog. Also, all the Design Teams projects will be on there so I hope you enjoy them all. Have a Wonderful Week!!

Sunday, June 23, 2013


Good Morning Everyone!! It feels like I haven't been here forever. I would like to apologize for not having a project and letting you know about the challenge last week. I ended up with bronchitis and was made to go to the doctor. I never like to go to the doctor but my husband insisted. I guess it was a good thing he did. I was put on an antibiotic to get rid of it. I'm still trying to get my energy back but I'm able to work on more things, especially my projects. Maybe this little break will help me with my lack of creativeness. I'm just glad that I am back to my blog and projects. I will be gone the first week of July so I probably will not have a posting or project here. I will try and let you know about the challenge so you will know what you need to work on.
I just love that little mouse up above. As you can see, our sponsor is Digi Stamps Character. The character that I used for my card is a mouse in a bubble bath. This is such a cute little mouse. I'm sure you would love to get this to add to your digital stamp collection. I was surprised at how quickly I came up with a card for this recipe challenge. But, when I started working on it, I forgot the scallops. So that did take me some time to figure out where I would put these. You will be able to see them on the card. I didn't make this a certain type of card. Just blank inside for someone to put their own saying. Before I show you my card I made for this challenge I need to tell you the prize from Digi Stamps Characters.

3 Images
Of The
Winner's Choice From's

This I have to say is one of my favorite card. I will have a really hard time giving it away. The border is suppose to be bubbles that I found on a stencil. I'm sure you can see the pink and bow. The scallops are on top of the box where the mouse is place on. I think this turned out really great for the recipe challenge. Here are the items used to make this card.
Cardstock -- The Paper Studio
Paper -- The Paper Studio
Ink -- Close To My Heart (Blush)
Bubbles and Bows -- Dress It Up
Colored Markers
Colored Pencils
Well that's all I have for you with this challenge. I'm sure you will have a great time using all the items in the recipe. I know I did. I will still let you know that you need to add your projects at The Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog. You will also see the design teams project there on that page. Many different ideas that we all came up with. Hope you have a Wonderful Sunday and a Great Week!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Good Morning!! We have just went through the first week of June already. My first whole week of having my daughter at home. You would think that all the running would be done but she starts practicing for soccer this week. They will be doing practices, soccer camp and then the tryouts are the first of August. They say we really don't have anything to worry about. She is a good player but this is the first time she has had to tryout. I'm afraid her nerves may get the best of her. Maybe with all the practicing and learning she will be confident knowing she will be on the team. There are two teams so I think the odds are in her favor. This year will be even more running then what we are use to. I guess that's the life of having an athlete in the family.
Whoopsi Daisy
Here is the sponsor of this week's challenge. WHOOPSI DAISY. It's always hard to pick one of their images because they are so great. So, the image that I did use is one of four images on a page. This was my favorite image that I loved from this set. She is an adorable little girl having tea time with her dolly. I turned this card into a birthday card for a little girl. I really like the way it turned out. Before I show you my card I will let you know what you will be winning for this challenge.
3 Sheets
Of The Winner's Choice
Whoopsie Daisy
Now here is the birthday card that I made with my image.
Now since the challenge was die cuts or punches I used a punch. The punch has three different hearts on it and the one above is the one I used. I punched some of the hearts with the deep purple and the others from the background paper that I used on the card. Then, I linked them all together and add rhinestones on the light colored hearts. They are purple also. I hope you can see them well. Here are the rest of the products that I used on my birthday card.
Cardstock - Close To My Heart & The Paper Studio
Paper - DCWV
Vellum - The Paper Studio
Punch - McGill 3 inch punch (Heirloom Hearts)
Rhinestones - Studio G
Font - Gigi
Colored Pencils
Colored Markers
That's everything that I used to make this card. So, now we are at an end of another Sunday challenge. Just go to Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog to see the rest of the Design Team's projects and enter your own. If you see one you like real well, please leave them a comment on their blog. Well until next Sunday (which is Father's Day) have fun with this week's challenge. Hope the rest of your day is great and have a Wonderful Week!!

Sunday, June 2, 2013


I know I say it often but we are here at another Sunday. Where has my week gone? I can honestly say that the holiday weekend messed up my days. My daughter went back to school on a Tuesday and there's were I was behind on everything. Then my grandson stayed here on Thursday night and we had him all day Friday. He run his grandpa and grandma ragged. We went shopping, followed him on his bike because he just now started riding it himself, and playing with every toy he has here (and that's a lot). Then I was surprised Saturday when my son came up and brought all the grand kids so I could see them. They are growing like weeds. I enjoy all the time I get with them because they will get to that age where they will be saying "Do I have to go to grandma's." I remember them days from when I was little. It's funny how things repeat themselves.
Robyn is back as our sponsor for the next challenge. She keeps bringing out more and more images that I just love and never know which one I want to use for our challenge. This week was a great way to use a digi. I was able to pick from anything on her site and I did find one that I just loved. I know it's not Christmas but I chose a digi by the name of  "Rudolph Came To Town." My daughter thought I was crazy making a Christmas card but it's one less then I have to at the season. The prize for our lucky winner will get
Three Images
Of The Winner's Choice
From The
Now here is the card that I made called Jingle Bells
After I cut Rudolph out the way I did it looked like he was flying over the moon. He was just to big for my circle so I came up with this. I think it turned out adorable. This is one of those cards that at the end I say "I really like how it turned out." My husband says I'm to hard on myself. Here are the items that I used for this card.
Cardstock - Close To My Heart & The Paper Studio
Paper - The Paper Studio
Word "Jingle Bells" and the bells - Dress It Up
Colored Markers
Colored Pencils
Robyn's Image
Sorry to say but this is an end of another post from me and the first for the month of June. I still can't believe it's June. Remember when you are entering the challenge to go to The Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog. You will also see all the projects from our fantastic design team on there. Hope you have a Wonderful Week and I will see you next Sunday.