Saturday, September 28, 2013


Happy Sunday!! It's nice and quiet here. My kids had their own plans this weekend and I didn't. My major reason is I had some kind of flu again. My immune system isn't that good so when anyone comes home with something I catch it and it's twice as bad for me. Allergies on top of it all isn't quite helping things either. Our weather here is so up and down you never know what the temperature will be that day. I can say that I was able to watch movies that I liked where as no one else would want to watch them with me. It's still boring being alone. I think I'm having a taste of what it will be like when all the kids are out on their own. I don't know if I'm going to like it or not. You have no one to share things with when you want to and your seem crazy when your talking to the TV all by yourself. Let's get to the challenge at hand.
The theme of the challenge is "Nature." This is a great time to be out in the parks and seeing the leaves fall with all the different colors. My favorite season right after winter. We have a great sponsor for this week. They have sponsored our challenges before and have wonderful images. They are Dragonsmoore, Spyder's Other Corner. I'm sure you remember their great images. If not I would take a peek again. For this challenge I was allowed to use the digi Teddy Flower. How much more nature can you get then a bear and flowers. So, before I show you my card I would like to tell you what the prize is for this challenge's lucky winner.
5 Digital Images
Of The Winner's Choice
From The
Dragonsmoore, Spyder's Other Corner Store
Well her is the card that I named Be Happy with the digital image Teddy & The Flower.
The green paper looks like flowers with different shades of green. The blue paper in the middle of the green's is a blue paper that has white flowers on it. I do know that it's hard to see it but I promise you it's there. I think my favorite  part is the flower that I colored. I actually have more of them colored for a scrapbook layout. Here is the items that I used to make this card about nature.
Cardstock -- Close To My Heart
Paper -- DCWV
Vellum With The Be Happy -- Creative Memories
Side Trim Of Flowers -- K&Company
Colored Pencils
Colored Markers
Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog is the last place that you need to go to so you can put your entry in. Of course, the other design team's cards will be there also. See what they can do also. We have very talented ladies on this design team. Thank You for reading and I will see you next Sunday

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Wow!! I can't believe it's Sunday already. My daughter is now playing in the soccer tournaments. These will last a couple of weeks and then she will be done with soccer. I may actually miss it. But, she had tried out for a play and all county choir. She won't know for a little while if she made either one of these. She did say the cutest thing the other day. She asked me if she was doing to many activities in school because she feels bad that her dad and I are always taking her to something she's participating in. Of course I told her no. I would rather have her doing all this stuff then getting in trouble. She is even passing her two high school classes that she was allowed to take this year. They are high B's. This is only in the middle of the quarter but I'm so happy. She will start high school with 2 credits. I just hope she stays on this path. Proud Momma here!!!!

I'm going to start by telling you who the sponsor is this week. They are KPM Doodles. They have the cutest digi stamps, digital paper and they have their own blog. If you get a chance, I would go and take a look at their digi's. I was given the opportunity to use one of their digi's  sets called Bears At School Digi Set. There are different bears with this set and we could use as many as we could. I used the bear that was reading a book and the tree with the bee hive hanging from it. I decided to a thing about reading. I thought that was a good one since we need kids to read more these days. So, here is the prize that KPM Doodles is offering to this week's winner.

2 Sets
Of The
Winner's Choice
From The
KPM Doodles Store

Here is the card that I made with this set that I called Reading Is Fun.

The Bears do look like they love reading. This was fun making after I came up with the idea. Let me tell you the items that I used to make this.
Cardstock -- Close To My Heart & The Paper Studio
Paper -- DCWV
Rhinestone Flowers -- Dress It Up
Flying Bee's -- Dress It Up
Colored Markers
Colored Pencils
I'm at the end of another post. Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog is where you need to go next to add your entry. There is a lot of things there you can read as well. I hope you enjoyed the post and the card. I will see you next Sunday for a whole new challenge. Have a Wonderful Week and a Beautiful Day.

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Good Morning to everyone that is reading this blog. I know you may have heard this before but I have to apologize for not being here last week. I was way overwhelmed with life and just need to get things in check. Still working on it but I am able to create again. The only hard part was this was still happening during my daughter's birthday. She is now 14 and counting already to the day she can get her temps to drive. She also thinks that she gets my car when she does get her license. But if things go like today, she won't be driving anywhere. I have to say that she was injured at the soccer game today. They had to carry her off the field. There was a three girl pile up and she ended up getting the worse of it. She is very lucky. She only has a big bruise behind her growth plate. She will be on crutches for a day or two and then she can walk on it if it doesn't hurt. She is determined to play Monday night but I have no idea if that is going to happen. Well, let's get to the good stuff that we are here for this morning.
Our challenge this week is people at their jobs. The sponsor this week is Broken Box Stock. They have many different categories on their site and cute images. I found some of the new images that was on their site and I love them. I will be shopping there in the future. The image that I used for my card this week is Teacher. What a great profession to work with. I really had fun working with this image and adding things to it. I tried to make it look like you were approaching a real teacher's desk. Before I show you the card let me tell you what you are going to win this week.
And The
Everyday Toodle Digital Stamp Set

These are two great sets that you are going to want. Several images come with these sets. What a wonderful prize to win. Let me now show you my card.

I hope you see the school desk feel of the card. I love these cute little crayon embellishments. I couldn't stop from putting these on here. Let me tell you what all the products I used to make this adorable teacher's card.
Cardstock -- Close To My Heart & Paper Wishes Magazine
Paper -- Paper Wishes Magazine
Embellishments -- Dress It Up
Font -- Constantia
Title -- Inspiration Station by Betsy Flot
Colored Pencils
Colored Markers
Well I'm at an end of another trip with you. I hope all was enjoyed. The Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog is the place you need to go to for entering your card for this week's challenge. You will also see other people at their jobs on the cards from our design team. Thank You for reading this and if you have any comments please leave them. I would love to see what you all think. So, have a Wonderful Week and enjoy the rest of your day.

Sunday, September 1, 2013


HELLO EVERYONE!! Hope is all well with you this hot Sunday morning. We have had summer weather here for the last week. I actually burned at two of my daughters games. I have had an experience at her games. I always thought that playing soccer or anything else, we focused on the kids learning and having fun. I know they all want to win but when you have coaches and parents that scream at their players is total ridiculous. Is that how they want to raise their kids? Make them think that the only thing you are trying to do is win. Kids need to learn how to loose and have fun. Sitting in the stands you hear parents bad mouthing the other team and yelling at their kids. When will things not be so competitive. My daughter has been bummed about loosing but she knows that her team did their best and that is all you can do. Sorry, I will get off my rant, although I could go on and on.
Now let's talk about the challenge that we are having this week. We are going to add some leaves ( more then three ) to our cards. Robyn's Fetish is our sponsor this week. Robyn let us choose one digi from her images. I chose Fall Pumpkin. I love this image and this also helps with those cards that I send out. The image was one pumpkin but I made three out of them. I punched out all the leaves making the pumpkins look like they are sitting in a pile of leaves. Added a great quote about leaves and I'm done. Before I show you the card that I called Watch The Leaves Turn, let's tell you what generous prize that Robyn is giving to the winner this week.
3 Images
Of The Winners Choice
Some of the leaves that I punched are popped off the page with pop ups. I think you can tell from this picture. I thought the saying was perfect for this card. Here is the products that I used for this card.
Cardstock -- Close To My Heart & The Paper Studio
Paper -- Close To My Heart and DCWV
Quote -- Colorbok Book of Vellum Pack Called Seasons
Punch For Leaves -- The Paper Studio
Glittered Leaves -- Dress It Up
Colored Markers
Colored Pencils
Fall should hit here some time and them I will be happy. I'm one of those people that like the cold. Hope you enjoyed the post and add your projects to The Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog. Have a great week and I will see you next Sunday!!