Monday, November 26, 2012



Good Evening!! I hope your week is starting out great. I was doing OK until the company that was to look at our furnace shut it down and made sure the gas was shut off also. It's good that he did but now we have to wait until my landlord decides to put the new one in. I have been feeling bad lately and the carbon monoxide that the furnace was putting out was probably doing it. Now I'm trying to get some electric heaters to put in here for now. I can't go anywhere because I have a daugter in school. Family is to far away to stay with or to crowded to stay there. Things will work themselves out. I truely believe in that.

I was lucky to use the same set that I worked with two weeks ago. It's made by Pixel Paper Prints and the set is Santa Claus. I loved the card that I made then with Santa but now I used the bag of toys. See how many cards you can use from just one set. I could make many cards for people on my Christmas card list. I did call my card Bag Of Toys. Not the most original but I could not think of anything else. Now the set I said was Santa Claus so let me show you what the set looks like again.

We are having another challenge for the next two weeks. It's anything goes because that will be our theme at every challenge. For all the rules just go to My Grafico Challenge Blog. Well here is my Bag of Toys Card.

My singing lantern is holding my card. This setting did turn out cute. Well everyone else on our design team will have new cards this week so make sure you visit them also. Thanks for stopping by and I will see you in two weeks with another new set of digital stamps.

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