Sunday, June 10, 2012



Hope all is well with you this Sunday Morning. I'm trying to keep cool in this hot weather. I think I may have to turn on the air conditioner for the first time this year. Our ceiling fans have been great but I don't think they will handle this 90 degree weather. I'm still having fun with the kids until Jordan goes back to college. I thought that it being summer the drama of a pre-teen would lay off for awhile but I was wrong. They still find some way to argue about things and they are not even seeing each other. When will it end? (NEVER LOL)

We have a new designer that we are featuring this week and a theme that we haven't had. That's as long as I have been here. Our designer is A Day For Daisies. The theme we are using is "Add Some Lace". I love lace but finding some in different colors can be hard. I know I have had to dye some before just to get the color I wanted. I found my lace that was in my stash when I made photo albums. The name of my image is called Sitting In A Globe. I wanted to figure out how to make a shaker card with this one but didn't know how to do one so big. I will have to put that on my list of things to learn. (I do actually have a list) I'm sure you would like to know what the prize you working for this week. Here it is:


Let me show you the card I made with the image called Sitting In A Globe. I am trying to do different things with the face so I'm sorry if it didn't come out that great.

I hope you enjoy the card and my attempt of my coloring of the face. Let me remind you again that Our design team has made their own cards with lace and I think you will love to see their work. Their blogs are on the side of my blog. Have fun with this challenge and I will see you next Sunday for a whole new challenge. Have a great week!!


Edwina said...

Michelle, Your lace is beautiful that you used on your card. I like the snowglobe for your fairy. Thanks for sharing. Edwina brown

pregnantcitygirl said...

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Laurence said...

Lovely card Michelle. All my thoughts are with you and your family.

Laurence xx