Monday, January 30, 2012



Hello Everyone!! Glad to see you are here to see the Digital Stamp set that we will be featuring this week. I will let you know that my picture for this week's feature may not look all that great. If you read my post yesterday you know that I still have do not have my camera. I'm still using whoever's camera I can to take the pictures for the blog. I wish the card yesterday came out better because I could not get the sparkle to show all that great. I hope you will like what you do see today.

This week's feature stamp that we used was from designer Sanqunetti Designs. This stamp was called Winter Penguin. All of the designers used the same stamp and it was amazing how we all came up with so many different cards. The penguin is very cute and sure does remind you of winter. Here we are having winter days with spring days mixed in. Tomorrow it's suppose to be in the 50's. How crazy is that? Well here is the stamp we used.

Winter Penguin

I told you he was a cute. I guess you could say it's a girl. To see Sanqunetti Designs and other designers just go to My Grafico Arts & Crafts Community. You will see the store tab at the top and you will be shopping all day. I have a page on there also is you would like to take a look.

Remember that the challenge for the Ticket Anywhere for Someone Special is still going on. You have until February 3rd at midnight to get your projects in. You still can see the rules for this challenge at My Grafico Challenge Blog.

Now you can take a look at my card. I hope you like it. Again, forgive the picture if it isn't that great.

Thank You for reading my post and feel free to leave a comment if you would like. As I said before, the other designers made great projects to so if you would like to take a look and leave a comment that would be great. Have a Wonderful Week and I will see you next week.

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