Monday, March 25, 2013


Welcome to another challenge at the My Grafico Challenge Blog. I'm hoping that you are enjoying the "Anything Goes" theme that we are still doing. This gives you alot of different styles and themes that you can work with. I know that I like the fact that I can work on images that I choose and the different designer's of the images that I use. I try to move around to different designer's so you can see a variety of their work. Everyone has their own way of designing the images. They can use clip-art or digital images that you can color on your own.
This challenge I used an image from Sanqunetti Designs. The digital image that I used was called Baby Basket. I was able to color the image on my own. I love to show how I envision the image that the designer's made. Let me show you the image I used before I colored it.
By now you know that when we are taking pictures we make the card with a scene around it. Since this was a cute little baby I was thinking of putting out my kids baby pictures and put the card in front. But, of course, I couldn't find one of the baby pictures. That is just my luck so I just used one of my little girl doll. I have had her for so long. So here is the picture of my card with the doll.
The sentiment says little one but I couldn't get it to show that good. It's pink and white with four white rhinestones. I do hope that you like the card. My daughter loved the quilt that I put different colors on. Well, this is our next challenge so don't forget to go to My Grafico Challenge Blog. This challenge will end on April 10th at midnight. Well that's all for now so I will see you in the next two weeks. Have a Wonderful Week!!

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