Monday, February 27, 2012



How is everyone this Monday? Of course it's another start of a new week and it's also going to be the beginning of March. Two things that I know off the top of my head is St Patrick's Day is coming and so is my oldest son's birthday. He really makes me feel old. He will be turning 23. It doesn't seem possible. I call hime my gunie pig because everything that I started learning about being a mother was with his help. Now he's the one giving me the chance to be a great grandmother to my first grandchild. It's been our inside joke since I can remember. It's nice to have this bond with him. I'm so glad that I'm close to him and my other children. I never really had that and was determined that my kids knew they were loved.  I really rambled on about that. Let's get to our feature this week.

Our feature this week is Whimsy Irish Elements. These were designed by Cupcake Cuties. These digital stamps can be used for anything. I know there are some people out there that don't believe in St Patrick's Day but these stamps can be used for other purposes. You can use the card that I made this week for alot of things. Here is the picture of the set so you can interpret it any way that you would like.


The little girls could be used for anything. I think they are so adorable. I'm glad that we were able to feature them for you.

Don't forget to enter the challenge that is still going on until March 2nd at midnight. All you have to do is get a project made with flowers. Who doesn't love using flowers on their project? I'm wishing you all Good Luck with this one. 

Here is my card that I made with the Whimsy Irish Elements:

The card is a little darker but for some reason the picture wouldn't come out to show you that. I spent alot of time trying to get it to but had no luck. I think this summer I'm ging to take some photography class to see what I'm doing wrong. I would have loved to become a photographer but my life didnt turn out that way. I love to take pictures.

I hope you enjoyed this week's feature. The other Design Team Members made beautiful projects also so if you would like to leave them a little love that would be great. I hope you have a wonderful week and see ya next week.

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