Monday, April 8, 2013


A very sunny hello from here in Ohio. Very nice outside. It's suppose to hit the 70's this afternoon. Had to go and get a couple pair of shorts out just to keep cool. I'm excited. I have to let you know that my daughter went to her first hockey game last night with my brother. She has been excited ever since he asked her if she wanted to go. I had to laugh because it took her an hour to do her hair so she looked good. I never seen her so excited like this. She had a wonderful time and so did my brother. You couldn't stop her from smiling from ear to ear when she came home. Unfortunately the team lost the game but she like seeing them get thrown up on the glass. They were watching the Blue Jackets. I keep getting the name wrong. She laughs every time I say something different. 
Hope you found my little story cute. You have to soak in every thing you can while your children are small. Since the challenge is anything goes I used an image from Baby Star Designs. The set that I used from them was Puppy Love. I love little animals as you know. This was just an adorable set. Here I will show you the set that I used.
These are cute puppies. I tried to take the picture of my card with my dog but she would not sit long enough. She wanted to sniff the card. She is a Boston Terrier and very cute. So her is the picture that I did take.
I hope you like the card. I think it is cute. Just remember that this is an anything goes project and you just have to place your card here at My Grafico Challenge Blog. You have until April 21st at micnight to get your entries in. have fun with your projects and I will see you in two weeks.

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