Friday, November 12, 2010



Well, I knew I wouldn't be able to get to this 30 days of truth everyday. I'm glad that I let you all know about that in advance. There are just days that you have your list of things to do today ready in hand and by time the evening comes you may have only half of the list done. This past week my husband was home more then usual and there went my peace time to do my own things. I love him to pieces but it's hard to do things when he is around.

So, I had time one day to do my next question and I was excited until I seen what the question was. This took me awhile to think about. When you have major depression you don't love anything about yourself. At least I don't. Depression has made my life miserable making me not wanting to like myself. I have been dealing with it for so long that loving anything about me just doesn't make sense.

Well, I thought back to my years before the depression and remembered one thing that I did love about myself and so did many others. I was a very strong person who did not let anyone get under my skin. Say all they wanted about me but I wouldn't let it affect me at all. I was happy and did everything I wanted to do. I know if I was strong like that now I wouldn't be suffering from depression today. I don't know how I went from a very strong upbeat person to someone who hates to leave her house for anything.

I guess I would have to say that I loved something about myself way back when. Maybe one of these days with the medication and counseling I will become that strong willed person again. I just have to take each day at a time.

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Amy said...

visiting from the so followed saturday blog hop. I suffer from depression and have for years. I am now in counseling (as well as someone who specializes in prescribing med's/understands addiction). What I find most interesting today...I never knew I suffered from depression - I would have these awful bouts of depression and then be okay for a very short time. I was able to function and my depression manifested itself in a different way; I became very selfish, all about me. If I bought the right thing, looked the right way, medicated myself to feel the right way...everything would be okay. After the birth of my first child postpartum depression kicked my butt but even that kept me from getting help. It was not until the birth of my second child that I was able to seek help. Depression for me is baffling, powerful,slow and subtle...until it is full blown! I wish you the best. I wish your family the best. Depression not only affects the suffer but the entire family. I am now following you. Take care.

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